Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Play again

My namesake is on these shores and should be over this way tomorrow: more musical events are afoot. I'm pressed for time but will report further (I've got a meme to do at some point as well).


Zhoen said...

The last event sure sounded amazing.

Makes me think of They Might Be Giants, with the lead guys both named John, and at one point the three back up musicians were all named Dan, or The Band of Dans.

Reading the Signs said...

This is a Destiny thing, Trousers - it just has that kind of a feel. Are you both really called Rumplestilskin?

trousers said...

It was great, zhoen, and its fantastic to be able to have another one - though I want to keep my expectations on the level and try not to compare the upcoming one to it. Never realised that about TMBG, I remember a few of their songs though.

Nah, signs, Rumplestilskin would be just silly: we're both called Wilberforce Whacker.

Fire Byrd said...

Hope it all goes as well tonight as it did last time.
I'll look forward to hearing about it soon.

Reading the Signs said...

Whack 'em, Wilberforce - and tell us all about it.

trousers said...

Thanks Fire Byrd and Signs - I'll be posting about it when I'm a little less sleepy :)