Tuesday, 19 May 2009

2 today

I came to the realisation when I was on the bus this morning that it's two years ago today that I started this blog. I tend to have many odd moments of realisation on the bus mind you, but this one felt like it was worth a mention at least.

Two years, indeed, since I wrote my first post here. It was a Saturday and I think I was ever so slightly hungover, about to get dressed to the nines for a wedding.

Sometimes I'm surprised I'm still blogging - at least under the same pseudonym - other times I can't imagine much time passing without getting drawn back into it. Therefore I'm not going to come out with a statement along the lines of I'm still blogging against all odds - more like, against some odds.

I'm still here anyway.

It feels a much quieter place round these parts of late, other people move onwards, sidewards and sometimes off the radar seemingly altogether, for all sorts of reasons. Various gadgets (the Followers facility for example) make it necessary no longer to pop over to others' sites to see if they've written a new post - it's all up there on the dashboard. As with certain others I follow who have done so, I sometimes wonder about disabling such facilities.

Useful as they (and stats and so on) are, they can also serve as a distraction, a numbers game, which is completely beside the point of why I continue to blog.

None of which is voiced as a complaint or a pointed comment of any kind - I'm happy to get as many or as few visitors as I get - just an observation (after all, there are blogs I used to frequent, and now visit rarely if ever). There are, all the same, some visitors who have been a constant more or less from the start.

You're all welcome, should you be reading this.


Zhoen said...

Congrats on being TWO! And very glad to have found you, oh so recently.

I once got mentioned on a very popular site, after I left what the blogger regarded as a funny comment. And I was inundated, by my standards, with new readers, most of which left rather pointless comments. I found the whole week of negligible fame very disorienting, and wanted to get lost.

But the wave passed, a couple cool people have been stopping by ever since, and I don't check my stats much anymore, save to reassure myself that I haven't been tapped again.

zola a social thing said...

Happy Birthday Trousers.
To reach TWO is something in this world of blogs not for cash.

Next year i look forward to saying something more provocative for your 3rd year exams.

Fire Byrd said...

oh that must mean I'm two next week.
An awful lot of water under the bridge since then.
Glad that we commented on each other so long ago, and even more pleased that you are such a close friend now
mandy x

bikerted said...

Is a blog like a child when it reaches the terrible twos? Time will tell on this query Trousers.
Happy Blog Day to you.

B said...

Happy Blogday!
My course has finished now, so more time for the blogs :)

Reading the Signs said...

indulgences, irrelevances, circumlocution, introspection (not to mention indirect speaking and looking inwards) and perhaps a bit of tautology - dear Hosenkavalier, you are not only my kind of trouser merchant, you have been true to your word(s) - no, more than true, for you have been a generous and uplifting blog presence also.

I still haven't quite got my head around the "follower" thing, how to do it I mean, though probably Blogger would hold my hand and lead me through. Meanwhile I have you and certain others on my Google Reader, which is almost as good for you appear in bold there whenever there is a new post.

Speaking of beer, which you were a post back, I have had a glass or two of red wine and am just a touch, you know - is squiffy a word that people still use these days?

Anyway, bottoms up.

(you won't believe this word ver: corky)

Janette Jones said...

how bizarre, I think I'm about 2 as well! Congrats from your no. 1lurker! (think that's how you spell it!)

trousers said...

Many thanks zhoen, and the feeling is mutual - I enjoy your musings, observations and cat photos very much.

Similarly, I had a week or two of vastly increased traffic last year - getting as many hits in a day as I normally would in a week or more. It was good fun, a bit of a buzz in fact, but I think it would have been difficult to keep on top of it all if such a state of affairs had continued for much longer.

zola, perhaps you could actually set my 3rd year exam questions? Now there would be a challenge.

Since you mention cash, has anyone else noticed the monetise option on the dashboard and found it slightly distasteful? It seems so utterly apart from why I enjoy blogging.

Agreed with all of that Fire Byrd, you've been a fellow traveller (no I know you're not a fellow, but you know what I mean) right from the start, I'm very glad to be your friend too. x

bikerted, time will tell! You, amongst others, can be the judge of that ;-)

b - yay! Thanks, and good to know you've a little more time to be around.

trousers said...

Signs, I'm glad I've been true to my word, I think it's most probably a case of plus ca change..and many thanks for those kind words of yours - you are, in turn, my kind of sign.

The following thing (as in the thing about following, not...well you get the idea) was something which was on the "blogger buzz" options on the dashboard as I remember and was fairly straightforward. Can't remember how I did it in the first place, I'm sure someone could enlighten you.

It frustrates me a little because I always preferred clicking on people's blogs from time to time to see whether they'd done a new post, rather than be told automatically (in the sense that I'd rather not be dictated to, like one of those audio tours when you're in a gallery or museum), though it's handy all the same.

Squiffy? Glad to hear it. I'm enjoying a pint of ginger ale - as in proper ginger ale with 4.6% alcohol in it, not pop. Hence - cheers!

Thanks Janette, this surely means that congrats are as much in order for you too. May I say it's an honour to have you as a lurker :)

Oh, and back to Fire Byrd - I still haven't done any of those memes: please don't take it personally! After all, there are other blog posts which I need to get round to writing, and haven't done as yet.

Caroline said...

And I remember how huge it was when you finally found yourself a blog... 2 years already. Sheeeeesh. We're all getting older together.


trousers said...

We are caroline, we are - but in another sense, well, it's only been two years. Many more to go (hopefully!).


Reading the Signs said...

I have never had alcoholic ginger ale and would love to try it. Will ask for it next time I'm in a pub and mention your name.

trousers said...

I've never actually seen it in a pub, signs - in fact I wasn't even aware of its existence until a friend bought me a keg of the stuff from a local(ish) brewery as a birthday present.

A lovely present too, to be sure - but the trouble with having all that beer in the house...