Sunday, 3 May 2009

Keep out of reach of citizens (Misreading the signs 6)

Yes, citizens was actually children, and was on a shampoo bottle: something I actually use these days.

But: the above, and an article today, reminded me of a conversation my grandfather had with a younger me (I don't recall how young, but certainly in single figures).

It was in relation to something that was on the tv, the radio, or maybe a newspaper headline.

Says my grandad: They're all the same these bloody politicians. Bloody liars the lot of 'em, doesn't matter which party. Don't trust any of 'em.

Though I wouldn't have thought about it in such terms, I can remember my feeling being that surely he was too cynical, that there was some difference, something that one could trust based on what a person was standing for, on their given political persuasion. I don't remember what dialogue we had as a result of his pronouncement, though I do recall that we did talk about it.

He must have been in his seventh decade as we had this conversation, I think I may have had a vague sense (unless I've supplanted this in retrospect) that I hoped I wouldn't be so cynical when (if) I reached his age.

I haven't quite reached my fifth decade yet, and I wonder if my cynicism doesn't far exceed his already.


MerkinOnParis said...

Yer man was right.

Hazel Blears - the word odious was invented for her.

trousers said...

Hi merk - he's good, that Craig Murray, innee? Not one to mince his words (unlike me ;-) ) either.