Thursday, 27 March 2008

Tidying up

I think it's probably not surprising that in the aftermath of the events described in the previous post, I've been having a lot of vivid dreams: some intriguing, some disturbing. The main part of one of last night's dreams that I recall was walking past a building which turned out to be a university for teaching people how to accost someone with a gun. I found out because as I walked past there was a gap through which I heard a noise and when I looked, I glimpsed all these people in what looked like a gym. They were rehearsing moves for knocking someone to the floor and then pointing the gun at their head.

Don't ask, because I don't know: and that's but one of many scenarios that have been generated in the depths of my subconscious mind this week. I think it must be part of the process of my brain unwinding after all the hopes, anxieties and excitement leading up to last Friday.

Mind you, I think it's also because my sleeping mind has actually had some space in which to project all this imagery, so quelled was it by voluminous quantities of post-gig alcohol over the weekend. Not that I got trashed, it was just that there was plenty of time in which drinking could be done at a steady pace.

Well I'm having an easy, quiet week. I feel in a way like I've finished reading a novel - here's a pause while I let it all sink in, and also while I notice the absence of the activity of reading it day in, day out. But it should soon be time to pick another one up and to start anew. More than one person commented on the infectious energy in my last post: it would be self-defeating of me not to make sure that this kind of thing remains prominent amongst my activities again from now on.

It should be achievable: there was, for a while, a disruptive, negative force in my life. Amongst other things I allowed it to divert me from what creativity I possess, and I remained for a long time feeling unable to get back into such habits. As I've noted before, thematic to an extent in this blog has been the effort to change this: and since that disruptive force is no longer there, except for the residual memories, then it's up to me to make sure I don't forget how last Friday (and the process leading up to it) made me feel.


Pixie said...

Definately a force to work positively with , and use to propel you into the place you want/need to be to feel content in life.

Merkin said...

You have done many good things recently.
You should be proud.
You should be happy.
Any Future Employer should be as happy (sorry, as with Pixie's men) to have a gem.
So, move on from your 'situation' last year to get things sorted.
You are on your way.
Summmmmple. Heheheheh.

zola a social thing said...

Sigmund Confucsion say : When zips get working keep penis away. When penis gets working keep zips away.

Reading the Signs said...

I like the thought that dreams are often coded messages from the unconscious. Cracking the code, though, is something else. Accosting someone with a gun - as in chatting them up? Cool - er.

Whatever your situation, good luck with it all. Sounds as though the creative life is thriving.

Lady in red said...

it all sounds very positive

I am so please that you are not letting yourself feel any anticlimax after the evnet but using what you got from it to propel you forward.

Ms Melancholy said...

Dreams are very good tidy-uppers in my experience. Wonder if zola is onto something with the gun thing?

trousers said...

I agree pixie - it's one thing to have gotten myself into a better place - the main thing now is ensuring that I keep myself there as best I can x

Kind words merk, thank you - and yes, pretty much in accordance with what's been said above.

zola, that's a neat turn of phrase! Well as regards that and ms m's thoughts, I did wonder about the sexual symbolism of guns - in this dream though it seemed to be more about the (mis)use of power (boring I know!).

signs, I've long thought of dreams that way - often it's the case that someone else can crack the code as it's easier for them to look more objectively at what's being played out and how it relates to your situation.

Thanks lady - there is a hint of anticlimax (not related to the discussion above...), it's inevitable I think - but not a real crashing down to earth kind of thing - because I know I have to focus on looking forward and just carrying on doing things.