Tuesday, 18 March 2008


I had a moment today: walking down a street on my way to see a client, in a part of town where during the daytime at least, there's a nice quiet atmosphere. The sun suddenly shone: cat-like, I just appreciated the warmth, the light and the peacefulness of that moment (and just felt like stretching out), and felt free from any of the concerns which have been exercising me of late. It lasted for maybe 20 seconds: those seconds were, however, a very welcome and timely reminder of just how nice it can be when you're able to just live in and appreciate the present.

It's also quite good to be able to reflect on the following:

  • I'm busy working on material for a live performance
  • I've sent off a job application in the post
  • Senior figures at work have vowed to talk to me about training in Art Therapy
All of those have, or are more than likely to have, their ifs and buts (not to mention a huge dollop of cynicism c/o me): but the fact that they are there, at the very least, reminds me that there is far more potential and opportunity than sometimes seems to be the case.


That's So Pants said...

Trews! Lucky you. I live for twenty seconds like that.



Merkin said...

Go Trousers!!

zola a social thing said...

Damn it just shake the Dice.
Art therapy in a nutshell.
Go Trousers shake the dice and let the dice decide.

Reading the Signs said...

I think the good thing about those kind of 20 seconds is that they last much longer than ordinary seconds. Months or years later, you can still be unpacking good stuff from them.

Life sounds good, Trousers. Mazel Tov.

trousers said...

In short, thanks all.

The gig was last night: details to follow x