Saturday, 15 March 2008


It's been a busy week: some of that has been work-related and overall has been quite good. What that has meant has been more time spent doing, and less time thinking (and hence continually registering my dissatisfaction).

I've also been more hectic as the date of my live performance gets ever-nearer, and apart from a couple of evenings it's meant a lot of my time has been spent busying myself working on music as described in a couple of recent posts.

It has resulted, at long last, in a lot of my thinking being much more joined-up in that respect. I had a long day being part of an interview panel midweek at work, and as the day stretched on I found myself working through ideas in my head about how to resolve a piece of music I'd gotten to a certain stage with. Usually when this happens I might get home, think "oh I'll work on that later" and never get round to it. On this particular occasion I got home and, once a few chores (like eating) were out of the way, started work on the piece in question. Within an hour or two I'd made real progress and the whole thing was taking shape.

So it's good to have that sense of fluency returning: I'm sure I've already said so in a recent post, but I think it's increased. Previously I'd been put off doing more music based around a lot of software and programming since it felt counter-intuitive, but now it feels like I'm sufficiently well-versed again in that side of things that the various processes don't present themselves as obstacles.

Now the odd thing is that the gig itself will be based around me sharing the bill with my namesake, who will be on these shores to do a short tour. Click on the link if you want to read or be reminded of the whole bizarre story about that. If all goes well, he'll be singing on one of the pieces that I'm doing (a version of Roxy Music's early and surprisingly dark/heavy "In Every Dream Home A Heartache), and I'll be providing the backing for one of his songs during his own set. It's all rather difficult to get my head round the sheer unlikeliness of it.

So: much activity remains in order for me to get things ready. In an hour or two I'll be embarking on getting another piece (hopefully) finished since it needs work to resolve it, and then more time spent refining the rest of what I'm working on. I also aim to get at least one bike ride under my belt this weekend too, as well as getting a job application form filled in. Work is going to be very busy next week, which is probably a good thing as it should help to soak up some of the adrenaline.


Neon said...

Blimey talk about busy! All that and a bike ride too- putting all us shut in types to shame ;)
Job application sounds good- as you know I love a good job application- hee hee.
Am looking forward to your performance especially now I have heard the magic words Roxy Music- I am so there.

Merkin said...

I know that it's only Rock'n'Roll...

PS Could you email me the venue.
If it is anywhere near Lavvy's bit I might just make it. Or she might, even.

Charlotte said...

That's quite bizarre, you and troUSers gigging together. Good luck, hope it goes well.

trousers said...

Well, no bike ride today neon, firstly due to the weather and secondly a bit of rehydration is in order. I'll let you know how the job application goes...

merk, giving out such information would only increase my adrenaline levels tenfold: I might let you know if I feel a bit more brave at any point :)

Absolutely, charlotte, and of course I'll let you know how it all goes.

Merkin said...

Trousers, you are quite right, I withdraw my request.

Sounds like you are in the process of getting things sorted out - all the best with the interview.

trousers said...

Thanks merk - not that yours was an unreasonable request by any means - I just have to limit all the things I can think about in relation to it!

Bindi said...

nothing like a deadline to keep you focused!