Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Pictures not words


Zhoen said...

None needed.

Anna MR said...

Hei, young housut. Happy New Year.

Whilst I've always liked your words, these pictures are really beautiful - and so very, very British Isles-ey, looking (as I am) from Up Here in the Far North, at any rate. Very British Isles-ey indeed. Where did you take them? It's almost like Wales, you know, the Wales that I remember, but maybe it is actually the Yorkshire Moors or something. Lovely, at any rate.

How are you doing, you young legweary thing, you? Are things going okay? Even ish? At least sometimes? I very much hope so, housut, for you are a fine pair of jeans and no mistake.

Very much friendshippy love to you.


Anna MR said...

PS I posted my comment - and it gave a new word verification: unedges. I likes.


Carol said...

Who needs words when your posting pictures like that!!

Awesome! (and not in a cheesy way)

C x

Sophia said...

I'm loving your photography more and more. Beautiful. :) xx

trousers said...

Zhoen :)

Hei, Ms MR, and what a nice surprise to see you! I shall reply properly very soon :) But to answer your first question, this is in the Peak District, near Edale and Hope x

Carol, thank you! x

Sophia, thank you too :) xx