Sunday, 15 January 2012

A Polite Request

I know I haven't been the most sociable blogger these last few months, and apart from my posts being few and far between, I haven't exactly been active in terms of replying to comments or visiting other people's blogs (still, I greatly appreciate that people still stop by here and leave comments - thank you). Life has just had different things which I've needed to focus on.

Well it may, as a result, sound a bit rich for me to request that you go and read a blog post that I'm linking to - but I'm requesting it all the same. It isn't about me. It's posted on the excellent - and increasingly crucial - Diary Of A Benefit Scrounger blog. I just think that it, and other posts on that site, need to be read. I feel very strongly about this stuff, but such posts say it far better than I ever could.

Please, would you? Thanks, in anticipation.


Reading the Signs said...

Thanks, Trousers - I agree that this needs to be read - put a link to it myself also, on Facebook.

I haven't been a particularly sociable blogger either. But hey. Good to see your face (as 'twere) again.

trousers said...

Nice to see you in turn, Signs - I've made the occasional lurky visit to yours and seen that you've still been posting - it reassures me somehow.

I shall have to pop over again, but anyway I'm grateful for you not just dropping by, but leaving a comment also.

Carol said...

I'm so glad you shared that! Its good to know that i am not alone in my horror at what is being done in this country at the moment!

and don't worry about the lack of blogging...we will all still be here when you do

C x

trousers said...

Hi Carol, the good thing here is that you're definitely not only not alone, but that people such as the one I've linked to are actually making a real and tangible difference in their efforts to stem the tide of all these destructive changes, as well as giving a voice to many.

I, for one, have been quietly fearful, despairing and downright enraged about this and quite a few other issues.