Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Misreading the signs

As I left the pub after a rather lovely Boxing Day Carvery, here's what I misread on the exit door:

Thanks for nothing!

It took a moment to realise that it actually said, "Thanks for calling!"


Sophia said...

ha ha ha Tired or too mub ale? :) lol


Zhoen said...


Carol said...

LOL...I kinda like 'Thanks for nothing' :-)

Happy New Year

C x

Sophia said...

Oh dear....speaking of too tired. What was I on when I left my comment previously?! too mub ale?! Oh dear me. haha

trousers said...

Too mub ale, Sophia, definitely ;) xx

Thanks all for your comments, and do excuse me for my lack of reciprocation all this time.