Friday, 29 April 2011

Whining and dining

I've been neglecting my poor blog, haven't I?

It's just that my attention has been elsewhere and, as I mentioned in a comment on my last post, things have been a little out of balance. Nothing life-shattering or dramatic, just a little trying and draining. Witness the fact that I have to go off and do some work today and Monday just as I did on the bank holiday last weekend.

I know that a large amount of people will have to work over all the weekend, and put in far more hours than me; that such is hardly a violation of my human rights or tantamount to being thrown into a pit or a dungeon and made to eat pins while everybody else parties: it's just a little tiring when I feel that I'm denied a certain amount of respite that I could really benefit from, especially in my line of work.

Ho hum.

The other thing is that, since we've had decent weather for most of this month, I've spent as much time as possible (when you factor in the amount of energy I've had available) out on the bike, out into the rural areas. I bumped into some friends yesterday who described me as looking jaded: I said that I think a bike ride is in order, so as to de-jade me.

You know what? It worked.


Sophia said...

Awww...well, it's good to hear that the bike ride helped. There's nothing so healing as being out in the beautiful weather (and in a beautiful place, mind you)....ahhh. I can close my eyes and picture you sailing away...away....away..... :D


trousers said...

Sophia, you've absolutely got the measure of it...and thank you. I will be visiting soon x

Fire Byrd said...

It's odd isn't it, we feel exhausted and we do more exercise and suddenly we feel a whole lot better.
Same goes for food I think, we want filling fattening food to make us feel better and it's the salad/fruit stuff that gives us the energy.
It's really tough sometimes trying to cram it all in. Secret of course is to do what we can and not sweat the other stuff... Now I've just gotta learn that one!

trousers said...

FB - wise words... xx