Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Soothe sayings.

I've taken advantage of the fine weather this week. Two bike rides in as many evenings, which have been very cathartic and necessary, as well as enjoyable in their own right.

10 minutes and I'm out of the city, a further 15 minutes and it's positively quiet and rural.

Thanks to the warmth remaining well into the evening, I'm aiming to squeeze every last beneficial drop out of the good weather today. Apart from popping back in here to post this, I'm sat on the yard and soaking up the calm and the outside air, watching the sky change from evening hues to dusk, watching the shapes turn to silhouette.

It's very soothing.

I like soothing.


Sophia said...

I'll take all of the soothing moments I can get...even if their yours via your photos. Cozy and blissful. :) xo

(raises a hot cuppa)

Zhoen said...

There, there. (You did say you liked soothing... )

trousers said...

Thanks Sophia. Haven't caught up with you in a little while but I hope you're bearing up as much as possible what with everything. xx

Thanks Zhoen. One needs to be able to soothe oneself, whereas a little outside intervention never does any harm either :)

Fire Byrd said...

never mind catching up.... how about posting a pic in BW?

Sophia said...

....missing you.... =/

trousers said...

FB, yes I haven't given up on BW - I just need to take some more photos, I haven't taken any in a while.

Sophia, I appreciate that. Things have been a little out of balance these last few weeks, which has taken my attention away from here.