Friday, 25 February 2011


February appears not to have been particularly conducive to blogging for me, doesn't it?

There's plenty I could talk and rant about, but I've ranted enough - in the workplace, hardly a surprise - and want to try and put it behind me for the sake of the weekend. I don't know how easy that's going to be though, after (as I just put in my reply to Carol on the previous comment thread) a frustrating end to a bewildering and difficult week.

I can tell I'm under stress:

I lost some keys. Only for a few minutes, but I never lose keys. Ever.

I was on my way out of a shop when the man at the counter called me back, I'd left my debit card in the card reader on the counter. I've never ever done that before. Ever. This was after renewing my weekly travel ticket, a day late, which meant that I'd been unwittingly travelling on an out of date pass. I never do that.


I walked into a door today. Ouch. It was half-open, I could see that, yet as I passed through the doorway I still managed to hit the door itself.

I've felt too exhausted most evenings, once home, to do much at all. Nothing constructive anyway. Feeling the tiredness in my legs, and the knots in my back and shoulders.

I really hope the weekend is ok, and I hope yours is too.


Sophia said...

(((Trouser))) Hang in there. I think it's been a rough week for a few of us. You can run into as many doors as you want...we'll still love ya! ;)

trousers said...

Oh, thank you Sophia, I appreciate that. I'm starting to come down a little bit, thankfully, but next week is going to be a challenge. But I feel like I can settle and start to switch off.

Hang in there yourself - I'll pop over to your blog soon enough x

Reading the Signs said...

It sounds as though you are in need of down time, Trousers. This is something that seems to be in very short supply these days (showing my age here, damn). Hang loose, as they used to say. Perhaps they still do.

Zhoen said...

All sure signs of an overfull brain. Cut out anything unnecessary, go a bit more slowly, try not to get frustrated with yourself. Speak to yourself patiently, kindly, and always take a moment to ask yourself if you have everything, if you've been to the toilet before leaving, praise yourself for remembering your socks (even if they don't match.) Works for me, most of the time. Laugh, don't let anyone rattle you or change your routines, not on a week that has started to fray.

Fire Byrd said...

So think of the time I saw my dog digging in the garden and got up from my sitting room to run into the conservatory and ran straight into the closed conservatory door. Both sons in the kitchen watched their mother from the hatch, and then had the temerity to laugh at me clutching my sore nose!
Hope you can switch off enough to feel rested for next weeks onslaught.

trousers said...

I am, Signs, I really am. Thankfully I have some downtime in less than a month. But really, this is less about me, and more about what I'm up against - this is not my problem, yet it's a problem which I'm left to mop up.

Zhoen, thank you for that. I know these things, I do, yet it's always good to be given a calm reminder of them: it can be so easy to forget.

FB, we can all do it in the heat of the moment - but I know that my own tendency towards mishap these last few days is not 'just one of those things', it's definitely a response to all sorts of shit which is going on. Nonetheless I'm sure you could have done with a bit of sympathy...

I'll let you know how the week goes and, if it's safe to, I may post as such on here. xx

Thank you all, by the way. Seriously. One positive of the current pile of shit which has cropped up, is that I remembered how much I value my bloggy contacts..