Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Ohne titel

Hmmm. I'm in one of those moods where I really want to write a blog post, but I'm just not sure what about.


Reading the Signs said...

Excellent conditions for writing imho. Next time just keep going and see what happens.

The WVLs don't seem very impressed by this bit of advice - they think it mings. Damn rude, especially as they never actually have to do more than come up with a single word.

trousers said...

I do sometimes do what you suggest, Signs, but just didn't feel able to for some reason this time round.

The other side of the coin is that, in posting what I have, it then makes me think, oh, I could have posted about x, or y, or z etc. For instance, I've just been on a lovely evening stroll, all was surprisingly quiet and peaceful and the rain, when it hit, was beautifully refreshing. Put me in a thoughtful and pleasant mood.

Ideal for a blog post I think - well, maybe some other time.

The WVLs - everyone, it seems, is a critic these days.

Zhoen said...

Does it count when the word-count of your comment surpasses both the most and the tag?

(I didn't count.)

trousers said...

No it doesn't count (I've just decided) ;)

Carol said...

LOL! I quite often feel like that and do nothing about it...at least you posted something!!

C x

Ps. Your word veri is gobsop...I'm not sure why but it make me giggle!

trousers said...

Carol, I get slightly annoyed with myself when I post things like this, because I know that there are plenty of things I could write, at least if I was in the right frame of mind.

But the getting slightly annoyed spurs me on to think about what I could and should be posting, which is why I do it :)