Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Blogger, interrupted

I didn't want to have a quiet spell, blog-wise. I've had computer problems, this time it was the motherboard which needed to be replaced. Thankfully I've lost nothing, nor even needed to reload anything. All I've needed to do is tinker with a few settings and things are back to normal after a week or so away.

Still, I hope it's as easy to regain my bloggy momentum, since I'd been far more active on here in recent weeks. It'll also be a relief tomorrow morning when I'll be able to look at the weather forecast online and know whether, e.g., I need to take a waterproof with me or not. These are the things I take for granted, and really miss, when I don't have my internet access.

I've missed the company of my fellow bloggers too.

Oh, and a moan (not blog-related): why is it ok for everyone to interrupt me?


Zhoen said...

It's not ok for people to interrupt. Best response I've found is not to waste your breath.

When D, and for much longer - his male friends, did this to me, I would pointedly go quiet and stop listening, even leave the room. And I would not under any circumstances repeat what I'd been trying to say. I wouldn't get angry, just totally disengaged. They did like me, and really didn't realize how hurtful they were being. Nowadays, if this happens, they pick up on it quickly, and I accept this and continue.

Glad you are back, again

trousers said...

Thanks Zhoen, I appreciate the advice. I've tried what you suggest, to an extent, but probably need to apply it with a little more consistency. I should have really phrased the question, "why do people seem to think it's ok...", just to be clear.

Carol said...

Oohhh I hate it when I'm interupted! I just find it really rude! Zhoen's suggestion is a good one...let's you make your point quietly!

Glad your computer is back up and's frustrating to get into a blogging roll and then have it (ha) interupted.

C x

Sophia said...

I'm still here and have not forgotten about ya!! :D You've been missed!

Fire Byrd said...

er, sorry did you say something I was just busy doing something else.
now where was I before I got interrupted here...

trousers said...

Carol, there are times when I don't mind being interrupted...e.g. certain people I work with who don't have the social skills to see it as a problem, for a number of reasons - but it's the people who ought to know damn well that it's rude, that's when it's just infuriating.

FB Grrrrrr! ;0)

Sophia, and by extension the rest of you, thanks for the kind thoughts. Much appreciated!

Reading the Signs said...

Trousers, if you have the energy for it, try interrupting the interrupter. S/he might come from a family (like mine, on mater's side) where that is just the common way of communicating. I find it utterly exhausting, but can slip into that mode if I have to.