Saturday, 19 June 2010


Still on the theme of dreams, last night I dreamt that I was in a posh living room that happened to be at basement level, and noticed a ventilator grille right in the top of one of the corners of the room. Later, I went up to ground level - the street outside - and was amazed to be able to look down through the same grille and see the posh room from above.

So I went back down to the room and looked up, then back up to the street and looked down. I really couldn't get over it.


Zhoen said...

Perspective is amazing.

Carol said...

I guess that could be your subconscious telling you to look at things from all angles before acting.

I dreampt that there was some wee person living in my local ATM and instead of giving me money they wrote me letters...very odd!

C x

trousers said...

You could be right, Carol, which fits in neatly with what Zhoen is saying: before you both commented the dream felt more like an essay about pointlessness. Thanks for the insight!

Oh and the ATM dream made me smile :)

(Does this mean, to take it fairly literally, that you need financial advice?)

Carol said...

LOL...not that I know of! In the dream the letters were little stories about people going about their every day lives...some sad, some entertaining and some just wee anecdotes! (wish I could remember more about them)

C x

trousers said...

That's brilliant - dreams, don't you just love them sometimes?

Boonsong said...

What a fascinating dream.
I'm no expert, but I see your dream as very Freudian: I think that it shows that you are very settled, comfortable, and self assured at the moment. The dream shows your situation (the room) as very comfortable and desirable (posh) when viewed from the relative safety of indoors (basement) and the outside world. The ventilator is the 'breathing' (healthy) link between your inner world and the outside world.
The fact that wherever you are in this situation it looks awesome ("I really couldn't get over it") demonstrates the very healthy relationship that you have with yourself and the outside world.

But what would I know?

Bset wishes from Boonsong

Boonsong said...

"Bset" should read as "Best" in my last comment.

Bset and Best wishes from Boonsong

trousers said...

Fascinating interpretation, Boonsong - thanks for that. And hello and thanks for stopping by and saying so too.

Now - I don't feel anywhere near as comfortable and self-assured as your interpretation would suggest, but I do think there's merit in what you've said: I've been more aware of struggle and uncertainty, but I wonder, therefore, if there's a sense in which I'm more comfortable and self-assured than I actually realise.

In a way the "being outside and looking in" could also be seen in the context of inviting comments on my dreams, as provided by you and everyone else above.

Thanks again for your thought-provoking contribution! May I say I've had a look at your blog and found it interesting too - I shall come over and have a look again soon.

Montag said...

What is interesting is your amazement that you could see looking up or looking down... it did not matter which way you viewed it: the thing you saw was different, but you could see from either spot, up or down...

Past or Future