Thursday, 17 June 2010


I dreamt last night that I was at a manor house for some big event, and that the photographs I had taken all had ghosts on them in the background. I was sure that no-one would believe me, but when I showed them to everyone, the ghosts were changing, moving round on the photographs as we looked.


Carol said...

That sounds like a very cool dream to me...wonder what it means?

C x

trousers said...

I haven't properly thought about it yet, Carol, but I'm guessing that it relates pretty much to what I was writing about in the previous post.

Still, whether that's the case or not (and I think it probably is), it's one of those dreams which was interesting - lovely imagery and setting, with an intriguing if slightly unsettling atmosphere - purely on its own terms.

Zhoen said...

Dust motes floating... no, unnecessarily cynical.

I've been haunted lately as well.

Fire Byrd said...

You been watching Harry Potter movies? Cause that happens all the time in them.
BTW before you mock I like HP movies!

trousers said...

Zhoen, I don't get the "dust motes" reference - but then I can't see beyond my nose right now. I'll be over to your blog tomorrow to see how haunted you are.

FB, no I haven't been watching Harry Potter movies! Well not for a few years anyway (2003, I think, when one of them was on telly). No I'm not going to mock either - I quite enjoyed the one I saw, but I've just never got into them. x

Zhoen said...

Sorry. A lot of still photo with flash photos that seem to have white, blobby ghosts are pretty clearly dust motes, or sometimes insects, caught in the flash.

Have you ever read the Fortean Times?

trousers said...

Ah - I see what you mean, Zhoen. I also remember what my photography teacher used to call specks of things which turned up on the photo or the negs during the development process - "flying shit".

But, these were definitely real ghosts (as it were) with faces - or skulls where faces used to be - and everything.

I'm aware of the Fortean Times, but haven't read it for as long as I can remember.