Sunday, 20 June 2010

Beautiful World

You wouldn't expect me to write a post with a title like that would you?

I don't know, would you?

Anyway, the title itself refers to the name of a group blog that I'm part of, set up by the indefatigable Fire Byrd.

I like it, and perhaps you might do too. Go on, take a look.


Zhoen said...

Lovely indeed.

Carol said...

Right, I shall pop over now for a nosey!

C x

trousers said...

Glad you think so, Zhoen - some great photos posted up there so far, and plenty more to come I imagine.

Carol, hope you like!

Carol said...

I liked so much I joined and have just posted my first picture :-)

C x

trousers said...

So I see - excellent picture you've posted, too!

Montag said...

It's great. I loved the picture of a rainy day on Manitoulin Island. That's a beautiful area just east of the Les Cheneaux Islands at the north of Lake Huron, and it is antiquely wonderful.

LindyLouMac said...

Good morning I am introducing myself and visiting your blog as I am a fellow contributor to the fun new collective Beautiful World.

I look forward to enjoying more of your photographs.

trousers said...

LindyLouMac - thanks, I appreciate that, and am glad you stopped by to say hello.

I'll catch up with you on the collective blog, and will visit your own blog soon!

trousers said...

Thanks to you too, Montag - there are a huge amount of pictures being posted over there now, it's getting difficult to keep track.