Tuesday, 13 April 2010

That's alright, mate

It being the first day of a new decade for me - my fifth (no, that doesn't mean I'm fifty - it's the start of my fifth decade), I wondered what the first words of my forties might actually be.

Silently singing along to Sympathy For The Devil and Jigsaw Puzzle by the Stones - my first activity of the day - doesn't count.

No, the first words I properly uttered were those of the title of this post - to a workman who was standing on the street looking up at scaffolding, and who was momentarily oblivious to the fact that I was trying to get past. When he saw me he apologised, and I said those words.

Regardless of the context, I quite like the fact that they are my opening words of this new decade.


Zhoen said...

Very good.

My cousin tells me that live begins at 50, I have to assume she's right. I can about see it from where I stand.

Fire Byrd said...

Well done you for getting here, now just don't loose it as so many people do. I don't call it the lost decade for nothing.

Ooops and oops again for being bloody useless at sending birthday greetings.
I'm pre-occupied with a bad back and normal things to remember have gone off in the ether for a while.

So another big belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY.

J.J said...

Yeah! Happy Belated Birthday to you. And I reckon those are really apt words to kick another decade off with. Nice one.

trousers said...

Thank you all. I do hope that this isn't the lost decade. Right now I feel comfortable being 40 since I think mentally I've been that age for some time..

DJ Kirkby said...

Lol, a great start! I've given you an award over at mine. xo