Wednesday, 7 April 2010

According to an old saying...

...laughter is the best medicine.

At the present time, I have to disagree.

I've been laughing this evening more than I have done in quite a while, thanks to a link that someone sent me via email, and I could really do with some conventional medicine to counteract the effects:

I laughed so hard upon viewing the link the first couple of times that I had a couple of coughing fits.

Then I made the mistake of watching said link a few minutes after I'd eaten my dinner, and - thanks to the cumulative effect from having watched it a couple of times already - I laughed even harder, and nearly threw my dinner up. Since then I've been suffering with indigestion.

I made the mistake of watching it again, which only served to intensify my indigestion and cause another couple of coughing fits. My eyes were stinging thanks to the tears of mirth rolling down, and I also ended up with a mild headache.

Alongside the various potions and medicaments that might thus settle my stomach, calm my headache and ease my poor chest and throat, I'm pretty sure I could also do with a dose of valium - since I can imagine thinking about the cause of all this mirth at an awkward moment, such as being sat on a crowded bus, and finding it hard to suppress yet more mirth.

I'm not exaggerating: I'm tired out.

I wonder if anyone who reads this blog has a similar sense of humour?


Fire Byrd said...

What can I say..... the Russians must lead very different lives to us.

Reading the Signs said...

Hmmm, don't know about this. It's quite funny. But not nearly enough for me to do myself an injury. Trying to remember the last time I laughed like that, and I think it was when the Borat episodes were first broadcast.

trousers said...

Hi FB and Signs: I don't know whether it made a difference or not, but I'd already seen the undoctored(?) version of this, ie the same guy singing a song, which was a bit surreal in the first place.

But it may be just one of those things which either sets you off or doesn't: for me I was affected exactly how I described in the post, and I think I needed something like this to cheer me up.

Jorgelina said...

I'm about to click...but first...this isn't some dirty trick to get us all killed, is it?

trousers said...

Hi Jorgelina, and thanks for the fantastic link - it sums up what I was like on viewing the clip in question.

So far I seem to be on my own in finding this as funny as I do. Not that I mind, because it doesn't stop me finding it funny, but it would be nice to know that there's someone else out there who is just as severely tickled by it. Did you enjoy it or just think, wtf?

Jorgelina said...

Hi! For me it was a "Wtf? is this the Russian Mr Bean or something?" lol
He made me nervous as well, he had a weird look in his eyes! I didn't get it! I sometimes find Mr Bean funny, but this one, not really, sorry!

DJ Kirkby said...

All I could think while watching was OMG and WTF?

trousers said...

Here's the original, if it helps to make any sense of it at all :)

LottieP said...

I think you have to watch the unadulterated version first to get the full benefit. What a man. He looks like a shop window dummy, and one that hasn't come to life.

There's a moment at 1.09 in the cruel, mocking version that had me laughing most unbecomingly.

Tonight, bye bye! Ya ya... [walks off with a jaunty wave, to hysterical applause]. Priceless.

trousers said...

Yes I think you're right, LottieP - though I think I would have found it just as funny either way, it appeals to my sense of the absurd: that there could be an appreciative audience lapping up something quite so hellish.

That part around 1.09 is just amazing :)

tpe said...

Well, I just about died, if it's any consolation - and that was without seeing the original version first, which also hurt me a very great deal.

Just catching up (slowly), Mr T, so I'm sure I'll see you in a more recent post soon. Phew. A real pick-me-up after the music you posted - which also hurt today, but in a different kind of way.


trousers said...

No rush, Mr TPE sir, no rush. Good to see you taking a stroll through these pages anyway.

Yes, I find those two kinds of hurt very much in abundance at certain times..