Sunday, 18 April 2010


I got an award from DJ Kirkby, and I have to say, it's had a rather cheering effect on me.

Ok, I know that there are countless awards and so on that get passed around from site to site, ranging from the sentimental to the silly to the utterly pointless, but I do appreciate this one. This year has been my least prolific for blogging, both in terms of the upkeep of my own site, and in terms of visiting and commenting on other sites. The net effect of this has, predictably, meant that The trouser Press has been a quieter and less-visited place.

Even so, blogging is still important to me and I wouldn't want to turn away from it completely: I place too much value in the connections I have made (some of which have resulted in firm real-life friendships) to even consider any more than a temporary halt to this activity. Plus, this place (and the ones on my blogroll/following list) has been a real help when things have been difficult.

So the value for me in DJ passing this award on is that it feels warming to know that people are still thinking to drop by and spend a little bit of time here, and to communicate their thoughts (do I win an award for convoluted sentences too, please?). So a sincere thank-you to DJ, and equally big thanks to those who visit.


Zhoen said...


Caroline said...

We *heart* you x

Sophia said...

Thank you for the get well wish. I am still not doing well at all and it is frustrating. Ugh. :(

Congrats on your award!

trousers said...

Zhoen and Caroline, you both made me smile :)

Thanks all - and Sophia, I'm sorry to hear that you're still unwell. Sending more best wishes.

Montag said...

In these parts, we have designated January 17 as Trousers Day in memory of "Country Roads".

That's no small honor in itself.