Monday, 19 October 2009

Following the signs and not, for once, misreading them (I hope)

Come December, I know that after the slog of the next few weeks, I'll be needing a break. I booked some time off work accordingly, after which it was a case of wondering where to go.

I had a number of ideas, but I wasn't sure.

I was musing on this - and many other things besides - one day last week as I walked a wayward route home from work. There'd been a lot for me to take in that day as regards work, most of it positive: potential, planned developments which may mean that I'm able to head in more of a creative direction and which would possibly formalise my role in that respect.

I sat discussing this on the phone with a colleague as I sat having some food in a waterside cafe, after which I embarked on what became quite a long (two hours) but lovely walk home: I took a turning away from the familiar route and along a road which skirted the university grounds.

It was truly autumn at its best, the russet of the leaves contrasting with the extensive grassland: the trees and various other flora simultaneously masking and adding a decorative flourish to the stately buildings, the latter's neo-classical stylings already beginning to dissolve gracefully into silhouette against the late afternoon sky.

It reminded me of my many wanderings around and beyond Museuminsel, Unter den Linden and other such places besides and beyond. I felt a hankering, but wouldn't it be a little too safe to head back to what now feels like familiar territory? Wouldn't it be worth being more adventurous, throwing caution to the wind and heading off to somewhere I've never been before?

I was weighing this up as I continued on my walk, the urge to broaden my horizons battling for space with the urge to renew my acquaintance with a place I already know and love. Just round the corner from home, I crossed the road and squeezed through the gap between two parked cars to get onto the pavement. I happened to look down at one of the cars. Berlingo was the name/brand of the car.

That decided it - well why not? - and I booked my flights and accommodation the following evening.

Sure, it is familiar territory, but it will be the first time I will have headed overseas and been on my own for the duration of the holiday. I believe it will stand me in good stead for a couple of further, more adventurous trips I intend to take next year.

Anyway, I hope I shall enjoy what Berlin has to offer in early December.


lakeviewer said...

Happy Holiday in Berlin.

Reading the Signs said...

Ach, wie schön! Once you begin reading them, Trousers, or even misreading them, the Signs just keep coming atcha. There are there, just waiting for us. And now I want so much to go to Berlin again. Please say hello to Kreuzberg from me.

(word ver derhum)

Sophia said...

Wow! I've yet to be overseas. I'm hoping to travel to London or Paris.

So glad you jumped out and decided to take on some adventure. I hope you have the best trip ever.

Merkin said...

Why don't you see if you can get a sabbitacal and take a year out teaching English in Berlin?

You know it makes sense.

tattytiara said...

Well when the universe has literally spelled it out that plainly there's got to be something special waiting for you there. Do have a great time.

Paula said...

Well, myself I never was very fond of berlin but I do know that for many - mostly Spanish and British - Berlin is HYPE! I wish you a very happy delightful stay and if you need any help or ideas - just let me know.

trousers said...

Thank you lakeviewer - I hope it will be.

Signs, I'm not even going to attempt a little bit of German to reply - not right now, but thank you very much for that. Yes, you've well and truly convinced me about the signs, if that wasn't already obvious. I shall make it a task of mine to take a picture or two in Kreuzberg and send them your way.

Sophia, it's difficult in the UK to travel any distance without having to go overseas :)
London and Paris have many things to offer - I would personally be more excited about Paris, mainly because I've been to London more times than I remember (though it's always fun) - whereas I've only been to Paris once so it still has that newness for me.

Merk - I do like the idea, I really do: but right now I'm sticking around, ironically because I don't feel quite so stuck now. As hinted in the post, things seem to be heading in the right direction workwise, and I want to be part of those developments. Mind you, I'll keep such an idea in mind if things don't work out (and I'm sorry! I still haven't answered your email!).

tattytiara, I hope so: but just being able to spend a bit of time there will be special enough, anything on top of that would be a bonus. But yes, I will have a good time :)

Paula, hi - and thanks for that, I'll be sure to call on you if needs be. I know what you mean about the hype - here for example - but I feel a real affinity for the place regardless. Since I first went (this will be my third visit) I've done so much reading about the place, its history and plenty besides, you wouldn't believe it :)

DJ Kirkby said...

Sounds like an excellent way to randomly pick a holiday destination. Why not?

Paula said...

Haha, then for sure you will know more about my capitol than I do by all means. There isa German saying regarding if one likes Berlin they wont like Munich. Surely generalised but very true for me ;-)))

trousers said...

Absolutely, Deej - though it will feel truly random when I pick somewhere I've never been before: I hope to do that at some point.

Paula, one thing which struck me the first time that I went was how much I realised I didn't know, and I was determined to put that right. It's about time I did start exploring other parts of Germany, I would be interested to see if that saying holds true for me :)