Saturday, 31 October 2009


One aspect of being a bit hectic and having lots to (constructively) think about recently is that I worry less. My level of worry is perhaps currently not too far from what might be considered "normal" or even "healthy." I think this is partially what I was referring to in the previous post.

There are a couple of things happening at the moment which would otherwise, I think it's reasonable to say, be exercising me far more than they actually are, but which are thus contained - though not ignored or diminished.

One of these is the health of my mother. I spent the day in London yesterday but had asked her to ring me and let me know how things were once she had been to the hospital - she had an appointment in the afternoon, the outcome of which was potentially cause for concern.

I didn't get a call on my mobile, but thought I may as well wait until I got home: she usually leaves messages on my landline. I didn't get home until very late last night, however there was no message, nor did she appear to have actually called in the first place. It was too late to ring her and I was too tired anyway.

So this morning when I got up I could feel myself tapping into the worry. Things which have been there in the back of my mind, starting to head into view and, in the not-knowing, a hint of extrapolation of anxiety-provoking scenarios.

It was the latter that made me tell myself to get a grip and just get on and make the phone call. So I got a grip and made the phone call and (not for the first time), things are ok and suitably contained in themselves for the time being - and what had happened was that my mother must have misdialled my number. She had left a message for me, unfortunately on someone else's phone.

Worry has thus been put back in its place. But it reminded me in stark terms just how much better I'm functioning, the fact that there's been so little opportunity to allow it to flourish.


Zhoen said...

And so many people don't appreciate the worry. So they don't want to "bother" us with a phone call or email.

trousers said...

True, Zhoen - however in this case my mum appears to have left a message on the phone of an unknown recipient..

trousers said...

I just modified the post slightly to make that a little clearer than it originally was.

Fire Byrd said...

Glad to know your Mum is okay.
BTW just noticed there are new trousers and one black sock, have you had the other leg amputated??

trousers said...

FB, thank you. I'll let you know the fuller story at an appropriate point.

I do indeed have a new photo - but it has the same amount of socks in it as the old photo. I will keep you updated as regards any amputation-related news.


zhisou said...

Glad your Mother is okay - hope things go well Trousers

trousers said...

Thanks zhisou, I appreciate that.