Monday, 28 April 2008

Up the junction

Well I wasn't in the best of moods this morning, what with it being Monday and everything, and I trudged rather wearily through town to work. I was obviously in a better mood than the rather impatient driver stuck behind another car at a junction ahead of me on my right though: such was his rage at the man in front who was being very ponderous, he pulled quickly out of the junction to turn right as soon as he could, appearing to forget about such subtleties as driving on the left hand side of the road: he had chosen to take the most direct route diagonally across the road, most of which meant he was on the right-hand side.

Now since I was crossing the road at the time - which appeared to be quite safe, not expecting some idiot to do what this guy just did - it meant he had to break sharply to avoid ploughing straight into me. As well as not worrying about which side of the road he was on, he hadn't even looked to see if anyone or anything was in his way. Two or three feet further could have been quite painful for me to say the very least.

But it meant I got to shout a number of choice expletives and vent some annoyance if nothing else. Meanwhile the fucking tosser merely drove off.

Changing the subject completely, I later bought the new Fall LP, Imperial Wax Solvent. Given that I've previously put a lot of thought into my descriptions of music and gigs and so on, I thought I'd do the same here. So, having just listened to it twice, here is my considered opinion of said LP:

It's fucking brilliant.


Merkin said...

'But it meant I got to shout a number of choice expletives and vent some annoyance if nothing else.'
Is that the Post-Modernist equivalent of Pavement Rage? Good on You.
Depending on the replies to your post I may well post a longer reminiscence, so as not to be boring.

zola a social thing said...

fuck it fucking fuck fuck fuck
Let it all hang out there Trousers
Give those dick-heads and fuck-wits a big blast.
BTW : We see an improvement here in your language skills.
Has the wicked Merkiboy been beamed into your consciousness?

DJ Kirkby said...

Considering my borther was killed in a freak road accident most of this post was very scary, however the last line made me laugh...lots!

Bindi said...

Gosh, after reading DJKirkby's comment, I'm happy you are here to blog the tale, trousers.

I am very impressed that you came up with the obnoxious language when pressed. I definitely need a bit of training there. When almost-collected by a wayward door whilst cycling, all I came up with was, "for god's sake"!. (I could also learn a thing from zola a social thing by the sound of it).

J.J said...

The Fall have a new album out - all is well with the world.

trousers said...

Don't even talk to me about pavement rage merk, I get it all the time...

zola, I can't claim to have been influenced by merkin, I'm afraid: at certain times like the one described, it's most definitely all my own work :)

dj, I do recall that incredible piece you wrote about your brother, it was very moving indeed. I'm glad you got some light relief reading this one though.

bindi, it doesn't always happen, but sometimes it just cannot be helped. It must have been quite a comic sight, me shouting and cursing as the car drove off: finishing up with, at full volume, the silly-but-satisfying enunciation of "TWAT!!!"

j.j, well put :)