Monday, 14 January 2008

Walking like there's no tomorrow

I was up north at the weekend, and I was really glad to get out of town on Friday. That thing, what's it called.....daylight, that's it: the daylight thing never really happened on Friday. The weather was so dark, shitty and rainy with no respite, that I felt like I could quite easily take it personally.

As I waited for transport to take me up north, I sat and had a regular coffee. I forgot just how big regular coffees can be, but it was very nice so I drank nearly all of it, and was rewarded with a nice dollop of hypoglycemia about an hour later.

Still, up north I was in the company of some old friends and a couple of new ones, all gathered at someone's house for food and drinks and conversation. As I've mentioned in a previous post I'm taking a break from alcohol at the moment: rather than that being a struggle in any way shape or form, I found myself actually having to remind myself that I was sober, such was the atmosphere. It was easy to get lost in the flow of conversation.

Once again I took dozens of photographs, and the following day we had a walk for a couple of hours. The weather couldn't have been more different to the previous day: bright and sunny, and surprisingly warm. Despite being with others, I tended to lapse into my own thoughts as I walked: I usually do, and it's not a bad thing, it helps me to think things through.

Weekends just seem to be too short these days.


lavenderblue said...

Oh,more please,trousers.
Wish I had been there,even in the rain.

Wayfarer Scientista said...

good for you .... walks are one of those things that make the rest of it worth it. Thanks for bringing us on yours.

But Why? said...

Loving your feet photo...

Actually, I was one of those bizarre people who was loving Friday's weather. (I had paid attention to the forecast, chosen to believe it, and was hoping that all that water would fall out of the sky before the weekend.) As it happened, our crew was out in short kit and sunglasses - such a beautiful day! I agree, though, that the weekends are far too short at this time of year.

Böbø said...

I'm noticing a whole feet theme "running" (geddit) through your latest posts. Maybe it's a look down time of year.

zola a social thing said...

Like to go for a wet mesen.

DJ Kirkby said...

Love the sock pic, how fab.

Pixie said...

and i'm noticing a graveyard theme.
you'll be so fit soon, you'll be yomping up hills and down dales.

szwagier said...

It's that old old adage - work to live, don't live to work.

trousers said...

I've suddenly realised I'm getting a little lazy with responding to comments: sorry all, must do better :)

lav, there's bound to be more, given the amount of walking I seem to be doing.

wayf, no problem - though my travels feel rather modest compared to yours. Still, the walks are pleasant and I'm glad my sharing of them is appreciated.

Horses for courses as regards the weather, but wh (scuse the rather bizarre shortening of your name, just thought I'd try it out). Still I'm sure I wouldn't have minded it if I was out doing something more satisfying than going to see people at work who weren't even in, and then hanging round for my lift out of town.

bobo - and but wh and dj - I must confess I didn't take this particular feet photo, though it was taken using my camera so I shall take all the credit :)

zola - as I mentioned above, horses for courses :)

pixie, oddly I was going to say "what graveyard?" - oh yes, that one. I'd somehow forgotten it was a graveyard. Still, you've been posting graveyard pics lately too, haven't you?

szwag, definitely.

Merkin said...

That feet photo could be used for an ID parade on Zola's site.

trousers said...

Haha, nice idea merk!