Thursday, 17 January 2008


I'm bemused by the amount of sales there are at the moment. Given that it's the middle of January, that might sound as silly as going to see Muddy Waters in concert and being bemused by the amount of blues songs he plays: that much I'm aware of.

But - sales in banks? Pubs? Betting shops? What's that all about (no marks for saying "filthy capitalism")? Maybe if these pubs do the same next January then I might go teetotal in December and do all my Christmas drinking on the cheap the following month. Mind you, on my way home I pass a funeral home, and I was almost hoping to see a sign advertising a sale of their own, but I was - if this is the right word - disappointed.

Perhaps voluntary sector mental health services can do a sale of their own next January: more service provision for less money! Oh - hang on...


Merkin said...

It is preparation for the coming crash.
'They' want us to spend as much as possible - preferably using credit.

trousers said...

I'm sure you're right merk, though I don't think that's what irritates me with regard to my thoughts on this post.

I think what gets me is the insidiousness (or pervasiveness, or both - or all three) of the whole mentality of January sales, such that it's now expanding into more territory. I mean, a sale in a pub is just a daft concept as far as I can see: do they really mean just cheaper drinks?

The thought of a sale in a bank is an odd one too: I don't know whether I'd be overjoyed or extremely anxious if there was a big sign outside my branch saying "Everything Must Go!"

anticant said...

I heard on the news this morning that some government watchdog [I forget which] has reported that hospitals financed by PFIs are being grossly overcharged for repairs - £300 for an additional electric socket and £500 to change a lock!

"Everything must go" - sounds like Northern Rock.....

zola a social thing said...

Sounds a bit schitzo to me.
Buy one get another one free.
I'm waiting for quadrophobia to get fashionable and then I will join this vile filthy capitalist con.

visitorfromafar said...

Discount funerals wer already popular in the USA in the 1950s.

trousers said...

Ah yes anticant (good to see you by the way!), N. Rock did spring to mind when I wrote that comment :)
As regards the hospitals, would that be one of the joys of subcontracting, I wonder?

zola, don't do it!

Oh and thanks for stopping by, visitor :)

Pixie said...

Now there's a thing to conjour with, a sale for mental health provision... do you know i think it will catch on!!

What I want to know is what are the offering for sale in the bank, other than us spending our hard eaned cash and them charging us more interest for the priviledge.

trousers said...

20mg Olanzepine for the price of 40! 90 minutes grief therapy for the price of 60! Etc. Just a thought...(though I can see a really syrupy advertising line Just being there for someone? Priceless.... Yuck!)

Getting rid of some junk mail from the bank I noticed that part of their "sale" was based around better rates of interest - presumably on loans or credit cards or summat - if you take up the offer before the end of the month.

It's not really a sale though is it? Just jumping on the sale bandwagon to quite literally cash in.