Thursday, 3 January 2008

Last of the holiday walks

I started back at work today, so here's a post (and photographs) about yesterday: yet more walking, this time in Matlock and Matlock Bath.

An early start was had in order to get the train there for a reasonable hour, which in itself felt like a rehearsal for getting up today. It was dark and grim.

Matlock occupies a curious place in my thoughts and memories, having spent my childhood living about half an hour's drive away (and my dad never drove fast). It reminds me of maudlin Sundays from Spring through to the Autumn months when my parents used to take my brother and I there for the afternoon. I think the main reason I would be maudlin was because it was Sunday and also because the chances of us visiting a garden centre on the way home would be pretty high. Otherwise I really did like it there since we'd often get fish and chips, spend time and endless 10p pieces in the amusement arcades or in the parks with their various attractions, and generally have more fun than I would often credit the place as being able to provide.

It also gives rise to memories of my late teens and early twenties when I would go down there with friends for drinking and in search of any excuse to go out and party. After attending someone's birthday party at a local and rather grand venue, my friends and I had nowhere to sleep, until by a curious turn of events we spent the night wrapped up in blankets in a small industrial unit nearby.

Yesterday was mainly about the walking though. None of it is off the beaten track, as such, though the some of the paths and tracks are pretty steep and so we expended a satisfying amount of energy. We also took a walk near to Riber Castle, which I remember from at least one visit in the summer of 1976. Now it's a desolate and rather eerie-looking empty shell, and this gave me pause for reflection in an otherwise exceptionally pleasant day.

Oh, and I made friends with a cat.


lavenderblue said...

My happiest memories EVER were living in Matlock and Matlock Bath.
You just brought it all back to me.
Riber Castle - and they had Lynx there,and friends owned the converted Sistine Chapel just below the Castle.
It was HEAVEN !
Thank you, trousers xx

Bindi said...

ooh that fog. Thanks for the personalized tour of these far away places.

But Why? said...

Ah, that back-at-work feeling. I've been back two days now and feel shattered!

trousers said...

No problem lav, I'm glad to have evoked some happy memories for you!

bindi, perhaps I should start charging for "trousers tours" - or does that sound a bit wrong?

but why?, yes exactly. I feel more slowly strangulated than shattered, but perhaps I'm being a little melodramatic :)

Pixie said...

That's a good cat.

You haven't left a space to comment on the post above, are you thinking of quitting blogging or is that some famous quote that in my ignorance i don't know.
cause i hope not, I'd miss you

Queen Vixen said...

Just up the road for me. It always smells of woods, fish and chips and bikers! A curious place. Gullivers Kingdom was a place I frequented with my own children. Still get the shakes when I go back there lol grizzly! You seem melancholy Trousers. Hope all is well.

trousers said...

Hi pixie, the post in question is totally work-related and I decided it didn't bear discussing (hence the lack of comment space: I also left it vague for the sake of being discreet) whereas now I see it looks absurdly dramatic! Sorry, didn't mean to worry you - blogging is not something I'm considering quitting. x

*exits stage left with an equally dramatic flourish*

Hi queen vixen, I'm going through a range of moods at the moment relating to the situation in question but that's hardly surprising. I'm fine at the moment though and 100% better than this morning. I do appreciate the concern. x

lavenderblue said...

Your latest posting - no comments there-suddenly brings to mind the lyrics of Dancing in the Dark -Springsteen........

But Why? said...

(Seeing as I can't comment on your latest post, I'll stick this here, I see I'm not the first.)

Just a thought, and I have no idea what work's like for you, but I've often thought that inspirational leaders can sometimes blind you into tolerating a crock of shit.

It sounds like you're not having that problem - small mercies, perhaps...

J.J said...

Matlock plays a part in my past too Trousers.

Happy New Year to you.

trousers said...

Oh my word, lav, I never intended to inflict such horrors on anyone! Not that I know the lyrics, just the music, not one of his better ones IMO.

Very close to the mark, but why?, in fact it was the right thing to be said at the right time, but it does sum up how lovely things are (ie, not) in that respect.

Thanks j.j. I've also found out that Riber Castle features in the film Dead Man's Shoes, which I've also heard is very good. I don't know the plot (don't spoil it if you know it) but I gather it used the eeriness that's currently manifest there, to good effect.

lavenderblue said...

It's the lyrics that count !!!

Didn't know about Riber Castle in a film,must find it.

Many a good night and goodnight twixt The Pavilion and Matlock - slept in a tree a few times......
ooooooooh.......many men.....many many men............must lie down now.
The memories exhaust me.

Bindi said...

"trousers tours" does have a catchy ring (it certainly would grab my attention). These days the "product" name doesn't have to reflect services provided, for example "the chilli pepper" is a product that diverts cold water back into the system while your taps heat up rather than letting it go down the drain. Therefore I can't see why something suggestive like "trousers tours" can't actually mean tours of foggy English villages.