Friday, 28 December 2007

Yuletide Blog

I know I know, another terrible pun and I bet loads of other people have done posts with the same title. No points for originality then.

Anyway I wanted to post up a few more pictures: on Christmas Day, following a couple of pints and some serious putting the world to rights with my brother at the local pub, I had a walk round armed with my camera. I'm not sure if pictures of a craneyard, amongst other things, would count as particularly festive for most people but it's something that I've always felt to be very striking visually, and this was the first chance I had to go and photograph it.

Oh, and some pictures in the local cemetery. Cheerful soul aren't I. Well it was a really beautiful afternoon as you can see from the sky, and very calm and quiet.


But Why? said...

Nice cranes!

For some reason, despite the fact that I haven't had a lifelong yearning to have a reason to be able to say that, I am inordinately pleased by being able to congratulation you on your cranes.

It's a funny old world, sometimes...

lavenderblue said...

Had a good Chrissie ?

lavenderblue said...

Don't you think there is a little touch of evil about cranes?

trousers said...

I see what you mean, but why?, there has to be a certain satisfaction to saying "nice cranes!", and I think I will try and use this phrase at some vaguely appropriate moment.

Yes it was good overall, thanks lav, though as I've made mention at the end of the previous comments thread, there was a note of sadness due to my Grandmother's increasing frailty: there's a certain inevitability about that of course, and she was doing astonishingly well up until recent months, but it wasn't easy to see her not doing so good.

All the same I managed to relax and not feel any pressure to do anything, and it was nice catching up with people, which was pretty much what I was hoping for. Hope yours was ok too?

As regards a little touch of evil about cranes: I'd never thought about it but now you mention it I think I can see how that might be. But is there anything specific you can pinpoint as to their evilness? I wonder if it's the way that they kind of loom?

zola a social thing said...

Ah Nature !!!!

lavenderblue said...

I have this sudden vision of you lying flat on your back,a small libation close to hand-and-mouth,on a crane site,in the early evening sun,squinting up and saying 'nice cranes..nice craney-waneys '....

They are somehow Ominous.
Leering in all directions,ready to swoop and wheel like birds of prey.
The biggest I ever saw was at the Port of Felixtowe........a multi-million-
pound piece of terror,out of this world and too large for comprehension.
An evil piece, claiming many limbs in it's lumbering progress on the dock.
I wonder how they would appear if they were brightly coloured,like the kids game with lots of pointy sticks that you throw like javelins,can't remember what it was called.
I know they have bright yellow ones....maybe sky blue would be heavenly.

Merkin said...

You are admitting you were 'armed'.
You were taking photographs of Port Installations.
You were conspiring to 'put the world to rights'.

I would watch out if I were you!

Queen Vixen said...

Lovely photos! Nothing wrong with old cranes and graves! ;o)

Caroline said...

Made me smile a twisted Chrimbo smile.

DJ Kirkby said...

I've not seen any other blog ttiles liek yours. My gawd you do take amazing pictures!

DJ Kirkby said...

P.S N3S wants me to ask you why the cranes in the top left pic are leaning over and are they going to fall down?

lavenderblue said...

I don't think the cranes were leaning..........I suspect the mulled wine........

Happy New Year trousers ! xxx

trousers said...

zola, correctly identified (ish).

Thanks for the extra thoughts on that, lav, I think ominous is a good word to describe them. I shan't disavow you of that vision of me taking the photos, though the reality is of course far less interesting!

Not Port Installations merk, just an old craneyard. Overall, consider your concerns to have been heeded by me..

Thank you queen vixen, caroline and dj - compliments graciously received by me and much appreciated.

dj, tell him the cranes have leaned like that for a long time but won't fall down because they're all secure and don't move.

lav, I refer you to the much more prosaic reality as hinted at above (boring aren't I!) :) and yes, Happy New Year to you too