Monday, 31 December 2007

Still walking

I've been tagged again courtesy of wayfarer: I'm going to do this one for a number of reasons, though overall I'll continue to politely decline tags unless it's something that really grabs me (which is why this one looked interesting). Thanks to wayfarer for that: it's an end of year meme and, while I'm cynical about the whole New Year's Resolution type of stuff, wayfarer rightly pointed out that this isn't really about that as such.

But! (it's not a big but....this is a big but) it will have to wait until tomorrow since there are plenty of questions to be answered and I'm not in the frame of mind just now, having come back from yet more walking. This time I was out with a couple of friends in the Malverns, having a very bracing two hours or so in the hills, which I really enjoyed. So, yet more photos for your edification.

We also found this obelisk (though to be honest I've a suspicion that other people may have found it before we did) and decided to recreate the tower in Mordor from Lord Of The Rings, the
one with the big evil all-seeing eye on top of it: I haven't linked to any photos of the one from the film since I think you'll agree that this is a supremely convincing mock-up, without any tinkering on Photoshop believe it or not.

I'm in a pleasantly drowsy state following the walk and a welcome pub lunch and a pint of Old Speckled Hen, though I'll be heading out again later for a gathering round at someone's house: I'm sure it'll be pretty hellish in many of the pubs this evening. I'll take this opportunity to pass on my best wishes for the New Year to those of you who stop by to visit the Press. Hope you have a good one.


Pixie said...

have a wondeful New Year hon.
It's been a pleasure meeting with you and walking, if not drinking. here's to more in 2008.
love pix x

Merkin said...

If you a reader of Dan Brown, you would know that obelicky thingyies were a sure sign of the Illuminati bods.
I did think of you as I was standing on my doorstep having a fag. A lone lonely jogger wended past in a vain effort at getting rid of the very obvious hangover (she is not normally a fitness fanatic) and I thought 'some Fell Running would sort you out' as i puffed away. Hic. Hic.

trousers said...

Thanks pixie, and yes I agree (though I'm not sure what you mean when you say "if not drinking"!). Hope you've had a good New Year too, and here's to the next walk! x

There's nothing like a bit of fell running to sort all manner of things out merk! Unfortunately I have to be careful these days due to shin-splints and dodgy ankles, though we did walk at a good old pace today.

Thankfully, I only had one hangover this Christmas...