Wednesday, 5 December 2007


You can tell it's time for a quiet lie down when you can't get the words to "Chick Chick Chicken" out of your head - and you can't stop singing them to the tune of "Folsom Prison Blues."

Go on, try it, it's amazing how well it fits the tune. On second thoughts: don't, or it'll start driving you to distraction too.


Merkin said...

You are suffering from 'earworms' or stuck tune syndrome.
It can be cured.

Great minds though as I wrote earlier :

'Just as when someone tells you not to think of the word 'elephant' and you spend all day trying to get it out of your mind, I have had some interesting thoughts about my fag-hag friends and a variety of strange impliments and a crate of Viagra.'

szwagier said...

I don't know 'Folsom Prison Blues', and I don't know 'Jailhouse Rock', but I can sing the theme song to 'Prisoner Cell Block H', and I claim my prize.

Altogether now. A one and a two and a three and a... "he used to bring me roses...."

Pixie said...

you all sound barking mad to me!

but could have been worse, could be the birdy song, and you could have danced the steps alongside singing.

zola a social thing said...

Trousers is getting better.
Thank god for that.

DJ Kirkby said...

Can't. Don't know either of the songs...

lavenderblue said...

Are you standing in for Humphrey Littleton ??

lavenderblue said...

ooops...........spelling - sori !

trousers said...

Looks like an interesting article merk though I haven't read it fully yet. Given what you can't get out of your own head, I think I'm comparatively lucky on this occasion!

szwag, but can you sing something as inane as "Chick Chick Chicken" to the same tune? Then and only then will you get your prize. Still the Cell Block H theme used to bring a tear to my eye (I'm lying, of course).

pixie, now that sounds like a fate worse than...well than what I described in the post. You describe us as barking mad and then you come up with something more terrible?

zola, oh no I'm not! (Everybody: oh yes he is! etc)

dj, Folsom Prison Blues is by Johnny Cash. I'm not going to come out with such a rubbish statement as "Oh, you've never lived unless you've heard it!" - well not without paraphrasing anyway, but if you do get to hear it then make sure you never hear Chick Chick Chicken. For your own good.

Hi lav, the only answer I can give to that question is, well, yes and no. Yes in that I am, and no in that I'm not.

Is the right spelling "Lyttleton?"

lavenderblue said...

Yes,trousers.....that IS the right spelling !

Merkin said...

Anyone want a copy of Folsom Prison Blues?

Merkin said...

Gets worse, trousers.
'Anyone want a copy of Folsom Prison Blues?'
I downloaded a copy from ARES.
As usual, it gave info about the song.
It gave 'genre' as being 'Porn Groove' rather than Country or Rock etc.
WTF is that?
We are all being watched, I tell you.
I think it is C+W, probably.
However, if you mix it with Chicken fantasies you may well get to 'Porn Groove'.
Maybe even worth a blog about the Thought Police.

femailrolemodel said...

Trosers dear : the dialectic will progress.
Have no fears.