Thursday, 22 November 2007


Well I'm out to see the 'Klang tonight (he says, as though he knows their music or anything about them), and then I'm away this weekend, since it's my grandmother's birthday: she's just about to reach the age of 92.

Just thought I'd mention it, since it'll be a bit quiet round here until the end of the weekend at least.

Also: it might sound odd, but it wouldn't feel right going away and knowing that the last post on here was one about work, so I had to post something else up. I'd been thinking about blogging a few football-related thoughts, but zola-ink-spots has done a good job of that over at his place.

Oh, and the title of this one is a reference to that saying (sometimes funny, sometimes annoying, depending on who says it), I'll see you Ron: later Ron.

I'll shut up now :)


Merkin said...

Don't come the raw prawn, trousers.
'I'll see you Ron'
Aaaaaaaargh, never heard it.
All my students will fail their exams and I will never get a job again teaching vernacular and metaphysics.
Or, maybe i am just too old and used to European English?.

Merkin said...

If anyone answers 'yes' to that rhetorical question I will seek them out and batter them to a pulp with my Rough Guide phrasebook to whatever language is pertinent.

trousers said...

Evening merk, I answer "yes" to all rhetorical questions, so don't take it personally. Well that's not true, but it suits me right now :)

As regards the whole Ron thing, I'm sure it's not just me? I've heard more than one person say it, which is far more than I can say about references to "the raw prawn", put it that way!

lavenderblue said...

Da Doo ??

zola a social thing said...

Message from Izzabel : " Am I necessary on your bicycle?"

DJ Kirkby said...

Enjoy your weekend. Stop by mine when you get back as you've won this week's wordless Wednesday.

szwagier said...

I'll see you Ron: later Ron.

I don't get it.

sheila's.wheels said...

'......about references to "the raw prawn", put it that way!

You don't know many Aussies then, I take it?

Pixie said...

Do you wanna kipper tie to ron?

You all come from the wrong place in the world, that's all ther is to it!

szwagier said...

Ah, some kind I Ron E, perhaps.

That's so pants said...

Hi Trews

I've very tired so I think the I-RON-EE is lost on me.



trousers said...

Hello all, thanks for the comments. Sorry, the whole "Ron" thing is purely from "later on" sounding like "later, Ron".