Monday, 19 November 2007


The good news is that The Fall are playing this week, and so are Efterklang. Regular readers of this blog (if I'm not flattering myself with the plural*) will know that I'm partial to the Fall's output, having seen them in concert a number of times, and owning one or two or twenty of their albums.

On the other hand, I know next to nothing about Efterklang - even whether I've spelled their name correctly - but they've been recommended to me and, as an added incentive, they're playing down at my local. Which is thoughtful of them.

The bad news is that they're both playing on the same night. So, in short, do I stick with what I know, or do I take a risk?

In other news (I use the term loosely): tonight Matthew, we are going to be Spartacus. Yes it's the pub quiz again. I mention this mainly because when we're in the process of arranging to go, it feels less like a quiz team and more like a bunch of criminals getting together to do "one last job." I think that's how we come across as well.

Last time there was a question asking who was the only Hollywood film star to always be played by a member of the opposite sex: as a joke, I said "Lassie" loudly, and it turned out to be the right answer. Serves me right for trying to be clever.

*or am I being falsely modest by suggesting I'm flattering myself with the plural?


szwagier said...

Well, you know what The Fall are like and have seen them 'a number of times'. Efterklang you might some small idea of from

I'd probably go for the latter, myself. But then I've never been much of a Fall fan.

Ario said...

One of life's age-old dilemmas. Do you go for something you know, you trust, you are certain you will enjoy.

Or do you go for something new. Risky. But where the rewards of this risk could be huge coupled with an extreme sense of satisfaction of having taken that risk.

Your decision will tell you who you really are: old and conservative or still young and hip and on the ball.

No pressure.
Do keep us informed...;)

trousers said...

Thanks for the link szwag: I subsequently found them on myspace too. Not enough evidence yet to tell whether they're musically up my street.

The balance is currently in their favour though since they'll be quite literally up my street.

Which brings me to ario - the beauty of this, as I've realised from reading your comment, is as follows: I take the risk of going for something new, with the possibility of the satisfaction that such might entail.

Or to put another spin on it, I go for the comfort and familiarity of my local pub and my favourite beer, and happen to end up a winner on the "young, hip and on the ball" stakes at the same time.

And then probably put a Fall album on when I get home. Sorted!

Ario said...

You managed to unite extreme conservativism with extreme progressive, hip, innovative, forward-looking thinking.

Great minds have struggled to do this.


You clearly are a genius.

trousers said...

Hahahah, thanks ario - recognition at last!

Let's see if they agree at the pub quiz, which is where I'm headed very soon :)

szwagier said...

One thing though, if Efterklang turn out to suck big time, you're not allowed to think "I wish I'd gone to see the Fall".

As the Butthole Surfers opined nigh on 2 decades ago, "it's better to regret something you have done than to regret something you haven't done. And by the way..."

That's so pants said...

Hi Trews

I love The Fall too but honestly, if Mark Smith has lasted this long, he's going on for another 150 years. Go see Efterklang, just this once.



trousers said...

One of the wisest sayings I've heard, szwag - so yes, I'll go with that.

And I hope, pants that you're right - I'm sure you are.

So it's looking pretty unanimous really: Efterklang it is.

Oh and we came third again in the pub quiz (and I got our name changed for tonight, to "Tonight Matthew We Are Spartacus") - but we also won the picture round which meant, on balance, we got the most beer tokens.


Oh and I just realised The trouser Press is 6 months old today :)

Merkin said...

See The Fall and die.
(Well, you know what I mean. Sort of like Naples. And you are never sure what you are going to get.)
On the other hand, should you have the address of a gay Italian restaurant you should 'try your hand' at ligging into the gig.

DJ Kirkby said...

You go to both of course. Half a night at each venue.

zola a social thing said...

Just pick and mix me ole matey.
Then something half-way decent might come of it.

trousers said...

Well I've been fortunate merk not to have caught them on one of their infamous off-nights...I've pretty much made up my mind anyway.

Efterklang it is.

So, while dj and zola's suggestion of doing both is something I'd love to do, it ain't gonna happen: twice as much expense and running around, which I haven't the funds or energy for. Nope, I'll be there down at the local :)