Thursday, 28 June 2007


Alright alright, here's proper picturesque. Looking from atop the Reichstag over Tiergarten in central Berlin. Originally a hunting ground for Friedrich III - the road which bisects it from east to west was used (if I have my facts right) as a landing strip at the end of WWII. Its now a beautiful and huge stretch of parkland following much replanting of what was destroyed - not only through bombing but also being used as farmland in the aftermath of the war, and the trees being used for firewood.

This was taken on my lovely Pentax SLR camera (non digital). Call me a nerd, but I love the picture quality and the colour saturation I can get with it. Strange then that today I bought a digital camera - also a Pentax - just days after my holidays. Something to cheer me up I think. I'm tired after my first day back at work and I need to get my head together before I start any writing. Maybe the weekend will give me the time and space to do so.


zola a social thing said...

Writing, Pictures..... work?
Good luck to you.
Best forget the work methinks.

trousers said...

Boy, would I LOVE to forget the work zola.

4 mice and a pumpkin said...

Your wish is granted.

Whatz that?

trousers said...

Aw, fanks 4 mice and a pumpkin!

lavenderblue said...

Morning trousers !
I like this pic..........look forward to your tales..

trousers said...

Thanks lav - though I'm not entirely sure where to start. Maybe with a pint of Leffe (nothing to do with my writings, I just fancy a pint of Leffe).

lavenderblue said...

Oh thnk fuck for that !
I misread and thought you said
'a pint of the Liffey'.
That's OK then...............down it goes ,,,,,,,,,,

trousers said...

Two pints later - no I can vouch for it, definitely Leffe. Haven't finally gone completely insane. Not just yet anyway.

Pixie said...

only the two pints? where's you sense of adventure/

trousers said...

Do you know how strong Leffe is?!

My sense of adventure, meanwhile, is somewhere in the bottle of sherry that I drank later on :)