Sunday, 10 June 2007

Banging on about Berlin

Its where I'm heading at the end of next week, which is one reason I don't mind about not going to Sonar. When everyone else has come back from Barcelona, I'll be getting myself ready to head out to Berlin.

If you compiled a list of comments I've made on other people's threads, I'm sure an inordinate amount of them would feature me going on (and on) about the place. Well I love it, and I'm really glad to be going back. It's the sort of place which gets me inspired, gets me thinking. For example, after the last time I went - last November - I decided I'd write some notes about it, just to keep as a personal memoir. A few evenings later, I'd written 35000 words.

Well I'm sure I'll be going on about it much more before very long, but the primary reason for this post was to have an excuse to publish another photograph. There haven't been many yet because I don't have a digital camera, and I have to get the films transferred onto cd at the developers.

No prizes for spotting that the image in question is the Cupola atop the Reichstag, during a dramatic hailstorm which really added to the occasion.


ario said...

Whoa. Nice. Haven't made it inside that that building yet.

Perhaps we should meet up?


trousers said...

Thanks ario. I'm sure something could be arranged. You could always email me at the usual address, I'll be there from 21st - 26th inclusive.

NMJ said...

Hey Trousers, Have a great time, your enthusiasm for other places is lovely, when people are often so jaded now. And I love your blog description, blogging a dead horse, that made me laugh. Oh, I don't have a digital camera either, are we the only two in blogdom?

trousers said...

Thanks nmj. I think the thing is, I'm jaded with many aspects of where I am on a day-to-day basis, so a little time spent somewhere different brings me back to life.

We may well be the only two in blogdom sans digital cameras. A friend who works as a lecturer in lens-based media (everyone's done the "who is Len" joke) tells me I'm what's known as a "wet" photographer these days. Not because I cry when I fall over, but presumably digital is, by contrast, "dry" photography,

Tolpuddle.or.bust said...

Should Nelli Furtado or Jibey want to do some real work, do check out bloggers who are running and make a comment. Pretty please.
The 'Quest for Dignity' needs as much support as possible.
(sorry to be off thread).
No, not really.

Pixie said...

OH fancy not knowing that's where the photo was of... silly silly me.

Have a fab time. px

zola a social thing said...

Please stop confusing me with words like photos and words and all that.
Please keep true to the text.
Let that be a warning.

Merkin said...

Thanx to those of you who were able to join the virtual march on Dunoon.
The proles are revolting and iniquity is iniquity.
So, whatz new?.
The Internet, thatz whatz new.


zola a social thing said...

Sounds like a quickie to me.
yer know
Clockwork Orange and all that, or.
at least.
a catholic attempt at satisfaction.

What we want is watneys.

Reading the Signs said...

Trousers, we never made it to see this, and would have liked to. Thanks!

trousers said...

No problem signs, glad to be of service :)

Did you never go up there when Berlin was your place of residence? In November it was like a freezer, and in June an oven - no middle ground.

trousers said...

Ah - I've just read the comment on my recent post and that answers the question :)