Sunday, 17 June 2007

Dry ramblings of a weekend

Or, the joys of a teetotal weekend. No big deal in itself, but its like salad (bear with me on this): the idea of it seems dull and unappetising, but when you get stuck in, you remember how nice it is.

In fact I wish I did it more often. Knowing I'm going to bed on Friday and Saturday night and that I won't be waking up the following morning with even the most subtle after-effects of alcohol. Full, refreshing sleep. More energy. More relaxed. And a good few hours en velo which does wonders for me. I'm fit and (fairly) healthy again in the aftermath of a mountain biking accident last September which saw me have a violent disagreement with a cattle grid.

Part of my collarbone - or part that connects to it (I'm not into anatomical correctness) is still about half an inch out of joint, and will stay that way - but I can do most things without any real pain now, whereas a few months ago it was a very different story. I'd get up in the morning, limp into the kitchen (my collarbone and shoulder weren't exactly my only injuries), and just lifting the kettle up to fill it was agony. Then into the bathroom, where washing and putting deodorant on was a similar ordeal. And so on throughout the day.

To add insult to injury, I found out that I was allergic to Ibuprofen, which would have been the most effective palliative while I waited for physiotherapy. I've never knowingly had an allergy before. Stupid me as well, I only took one afternoon off work, and that was to go to A and E to make sure I hadn't broken my ribs.

Anyway! Before I digress too far - last time I went away, I was completely and utterly frazzled. Feeling pretty down, worried about my health, and doing a lot of soul-searching after a failed relationship.

So in the calm and stillness of a couple of weeks of complete sobriety its useful for me to look back, just before I have another short break, and see the contrasts between then and now. There's still a lot I need to do to get my life the way I want it. There's a lot that I'm not happy about. But I'm far, far happier with myself, and getting away should hopefully give me that boost and a little more inspiration. Mind you, to put all this in perspective, take a look at this post by prada pixie.

Bear with me while I ramble on just a little more. I've read an astonishing book this weekend too. Much has already been written about it, so for the time being I'll do no more than sincerely recommend that you get yourself a copy.

Lastly, the sobriety will go out the window come Thursday when I head out to Berlin with my best friend. I sent him a text this afternoon.

*Do I need a passport?*

His reply:

*Just draw a picture of yourself and get your mum to write 'this looks a bit like my son' on the back. Sorted*

Fun times ahead.


Pixie said...

If this is your last post before you go away have a really wonderful holiday, i'll miss you. And if not then i'll enjoy the next post, then miss you. Thanks ever so for the mention.

trousers said...

No problem whatsoever, pixie. I'd been thinking of writing a post along these lines, then I read yours and just thought, wow (for want of a better phrase).
Whether or not I post before I go, I'm sure I'll be able to get at least a little bit of internet time while I'm away, just to keep up :)

Merkin said...

Political correctness, anatomical correctness? Ooooooh.
Trousers, you are now a hostage to fortune. Or rather, you are a hostage to those of us who are wicked bastards.

Question : what is the difference between kinky and perverted?.

Answer : kinky is when you tickle your partner's arse with a feather.
perverted is when you use the whole chicken.

And you know which side of the fence your adherents lie upon.

Baaaaah, it's Sunday. Cluck, cluck.

trousers said...

I just KNEW you'd pick up on that point merk :)

Pixie said...

Whole chicken .... ouch.
You should try being in an A&E department when they get the guys in who have a vibrator stuck up their arse, especailly the ones that are still running.. I kid you not.

NMJ said...

dearest trousers, i have to quibble with you here - salad is not dull.

salad is lovely.

god, that velo injury sounds awful, coupled with your ibuprofen allergy.

hope berlin is fab, & that your homemade passport gets you in okay.

DJ Kirkby said...

I found you on Prada's blog and am glad I did, I enjoyed what I've read so far and am looking forward to hearing if your home made passport did the trick.

zola a social thing said...

Feels like a headache to me

ok I'm off to rest for awhile.
Most inconvienient.

lavenderblue said...

Oh dear, Pixie, I fear at least one may have been my work..........
( snigger )

trousers said...

Actually merkin, looking back on your comment - that was a bit of a quantum leap from the original post (a few musings on the weekend), to say the least. Steady there, please! I'm not a hostage on my own blog to anybody...

Thanks for getting us back in track, nmj. I agree, salad isn't dull - just the idea of it sometimes doesn't wildly appeal.

Thanks for dropping by dj kirkby :) , I'll let you know how it goes with the passport.

Zola, rest well...

..and stop that sniggering lav!

lavenderblue said...

nmj is right.salad is good........and lettuce makes you all woozy..

trousers said...

I definitely agree about salad. It IS good. Its the IDEA of salad which I have difficulty with sometimes, but The Idea Of Salad is probably a philosophical debate in its own right.

lavenderblue said...

You've gone very quiet, trousers......not having problems with waxing your bits are you ?
I have had a massive bowl of lettuce.
I am happy.

trousers said...

Naah, no waxing for me lav. I'm quiet though cos I'm knackered from all that cycling.

I had lettuce yesterday, with tomatoes and a sprinkling of olive oil and basil. And chopped peppers. It made me very happy indeed.

lavenderblue said... just..a Bowl of Salad tra la

trousers said...

Indeed! Night lav, and anyone else x

Merkin said...

Not a hostage? His own blog?
Jeez-O, only two weeks and already he has got The Merkin rehearsing 'Ging Gang Goolie'.

trousers said...

Only two weeks? Do I get a prize?

lavenderblue said...

Morning trousers !
Have a great time.............xx

lavenderblue said...

Good Day at the Office,Dear ?

trousers said...

I was good, the office wasn't!