Wednesday, 14 March 2012

In a China Shop

So the coalition Government walks into a china shop, armed with a big bag full of padding, and a baseball bat. They wander the shop carefully, with much scrutiny, and after a while they take the best vases, bowls, crockery etc from each section, and keep them for themselves. Despite the fact that these items are supposed to be available to the public, and despite the fact that the government never said they would take the best bits and keep them. They put them in their bag carefully, to be taken to be sold off to their mates who will sell them at a much inflated price.

They then look at the now-depleted selection of China on display - there's not a huge amount left. Taking the baseball bat, they gleefully and systematically smash the rest of the goods into tiny pieces.

"What are you complaining for? There are now more pieces of China for everybody."


B said...

No comments?
Best analogy of this I've read.

trousers said...

Thanks B :)