Sunday, 11 March 2012


I've been away, and am in the process of adjusting to being back. Only a week or so away, and yet the normal, everyday stuff still seems odd, somehow secondary. Especially when compared to being cocooned in an atmospheric place such as the one above: places where life feels slow, and yet time passes so very quickly.

Just saying.


nmj said...

Hope you enjoyed your break, Trews. I lvoe the stillness of this photo.

nmj said...

damn the typo - love, i mean!

Fire Byrd said...

Good to know you had a great break.
And now back to the grindstone.... Sounds time to sort out a walk!

Sophia said...

So glad you're back. You've been missed, very much so!!

And what a SUPER great photo. I love this one. :)


trousers said...

Thanks, nmj - I did enjoy it, very much, though where did it go? Feels like someone's just plonked the memories in my head rather than me actually being there and experiencing it, it went so fast.

Yes the photo does convey stillness I think, despite the beer glass on display in there. My goodness though, it's a lovely place to sit and drink beer..

FB, yes it is time! Definitely. x

Sophia, thank you. I don't mean to neglect this place, but neither do I want to post just for the sake of posting. I still enjoy getting the responses though, so I should keep that as an incentive.

Glad you like the photo, too! xx