Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Reading the wrongly-written signs correctly

A sign spotted on the bus yesterday:

Passengers are advised to remain seated until the bus is stationery

I suppose it makes some sort of sense, given the amount of shops I've seen which purport to sell stationary.


Reading the Signs said...

It's a recycling thing, Trousers. The bus decomposes into a kind of mulch which is then used for - something or other. A bit hard on the passengers, obviously.

Fire Byrd said...

Not that anyone reading any signs at all was in in any way being a tad pedantic of course!

trousers said...

I like that interpretation, Signs. My own theory was that it turned into envelopes so that people could post themselves to their destination.

FB: perhaps so, but it amazes me that people get simple stuff like this wrong! xx