Monday, 6 December 2010

A letter to my younger self

To me, aged about 20 minutes younger than I am now:

Dear trousers (yes I still use the lower-case, even in the future),

That new knife you bought for chopping up food. It's very, very sharp. That's why you bought it.

So if you happen to be surprised when you cut your fingers open when you're preparing your dinner - because you've forgotten that the knife is very, very sharp, even though that's why you bought it - then don't expect any sympathy from your future self. In fact, your future self thinks that you're a bit of a twat right now.

Yours, trousers (with sticking plasters on his fingers).

ps you're aging well.


Janette said...


Sophia said...

Awwwww...haha. I've TOTALLY done that before. Hope you are OK, though. :) Cute.

Sophia said...

PS went back a few posts to catch up!!! :)

nmj said...

This is funny but not funny. I like the epistolary style. Take care with that blade!

Zhoen said...

... sigh.

trousers said...

Janette, ouch indeed - though wincing more at my own stupidity than anything.

Sophia, I've done it twice before with this particular knife. I've only used said knife twice. I'm fine - there was a lot of blood considering it's not a deep cut and didn't hurt at all. Much fiddling about trying to get a sticking plaster to cover it.

nmj, I love the word "epistolary" and aim to use it in a conversation at the earliest opportunity...if I don't take care with the blade next time then I fear it's a Darwinian fate for me in the medium term.

Zhoen, I hear what you're saying.