Friday, 29 October 2010

Flu perspectives

I've been a bit run down the last few days. Nothing major, but I've been under par, and some of it is certainly self-inflicted, thanks to a heavy (in a good way) weekend. I booked leave from work for the first two days of this week, knowing that I'd be of little use to anyone, and in fact I damn well enjoyed being of little use to anyone.

Typically, though, a three day working week has felt like it lasted twice as long. There are still plenty of ructions and instabilities and uncertainties (and stuff) happening in the workplace. However the main reason for the time drag was that I felt, on Wednesday and Thursday in particular, like a teabag that had been used twice and then left to dry and shrivel up (look I'm still not quite 100% so don't expect any better analogies).

Anyway, though it's meant I've had less energy and stamina and perhaps the occasional hint of cold symptoms (which appear to have passed), that's been the worst of it. It certainly reminds me that I can no longer party like I'm half my age, without expecting any consequences.

What it most definitely isn't though, is the 'flu (I'll forgo using the apostrophe from this point because I can't be bothered with it).

I've realised that I get very annoyed...well ok I can get annoyed with most things, I'm more than aware of that. Still. I get very annoyed when I hear people, especially in the workplace (but anywhere else for that matter) say, through a blocked nose and punctuated by snuffles or a sneeze, I've got the 'flu.

(Yes I know I said I would forgo the apostrophe, and I remain consistent with that, but the person saying the above quote used it.)

No you haven't got the flu (see), you've got a cold or possibly some sort of viral condition which might have a few mild symptoms in common with the flu. Otherwise you'd be at home bedridden, drenched in sweat and in a mild delirium, feverish, aching and feeling like death warmed up - or alternatively, death cooled down. Flu knocks you for six, it can make you feel filthily depressed, unable to eat, move or concentrate, and you certainly don't feel able to get up and go to work and sit in an office (or a laboratory, if that's where you happen to work) and say I've got the 'flu.

If you did manage to drag yourself that far, you'd be more likely to be saying Taxi? Yes, can you take me to [insert home address here] as quick as you can, thank you, and saying sorry boss, I'm really not well enough and I shouldn't have come into work today in the first place.

Plus, if you did manage to drag yourself that far and somehow felt like you could at least sit in your office/lab/abattoir etc and try and work, hopefully it would only be a matter of time before a more sensible colleague or boss quickly phoned a taxi on your behalf and ordered you home - both for your own sake AND SO THAT YOU DIDN'T BLOODY WELL PASS IT ON TO ANY OF YOUR WORKMATES YOU UNTHINKING IDIOT. WHAT ABOUT DAVE AT THE DESK NEXT TO YOU, HE'S GOT TWO WEEKS HOLIDAY ABROAD STARTING THIS WEEKEND AND WHAT HE REALLY WANTS IS TO FEEL LIKE SEVEN DIFFERENT KINDS OF SHIT WHEN HE CATCHES WHAT YOU'VE GOT, DOESN'T HE?

Anyway. So no, I'm not feeling too bad at all (and rather better for a rant, actually - did you notice that I ranted? Did you?), and certainly well enough to go for a walk with the lovely Fire Byrd tomorrow. But then I haven't had the flu, or anything remotely like it. Sometimes it seems like not many people know the difference anymore.


Zhoen said...

I say "I've got a virus-something."

trousers said...

I tend to use phrases like that, Zhoen. Or the worst non-flu viruses I've had, I might say "I've got fluey symptoms..not flu though."

Problem is, it's not a catchy way of phrasing it (unlike, say, "I've got flu").

Fire Byrd said...

Well glad you got all that phelgm off your chest before out walk!
Great day, great weather and very definately great company!( even if you were still a bit exhausted)

Sophia said...

Totally with you there, Trouser. Irritated with alot of things people say that are far from what it really means. Grr.

So...Fire Byrd??? Where/when did I miss THIS?! ;)

trousers said...

Absolutely on each point, FB. xx

Hi Sophia, Fire Byrd and I started blogging more or less the same week, going back to around 3 1/2 years ago. She was also the first blogger that I met in person, and we meet up every few weeks for long walks and long conversation!

Reading the Signs said...

It's called Influenza, tellem - and it's a killer! (unlike the common cold) Yes, very annoying when people go on about flu - or 'flu.

trousers said...

Influenza. Absolutely, Signs.

nmj said...

Hey Trews, I once read that the test for 'flu v. cold is if there's a £20 note in the garden you will go get it if you have a cold - if you have 'flu you won't even think about it. I share your annoyance. Also 'flu comes on suddenly, one minute you're okay, the next you are felled, just as you describe.

trousers said...

Yep that test sounds about right, nmj. Knowing me I'd work myself up to going and getting the £20 and spending the next two days feeling much worse as a result.

I think I've had flu maybe 4 times in my life, and there's no mistaking it (last time was nearly 10 years ago, thank goodness).