Thursday, 14 October 2010

400 posts

I had a series of dreams the other night, each one had a different scenario with a connected theme: the sense of becoming aware of an alternative and very beautiful space, yet which had a dark element of some kind or another about which I/we (you know how it is in dreams, there's a bunch of people with you sometimes and you know who they are, but there's no way you can define them when it comes to explaining it all to someone else) had to be very wary.

In one such dream, "we" (see extended parenthesis above) found ourselves in an almost Eden-like place, lush and fantastic, and yet there was an individual there who was deviant and aiming to corrupt. Despite the obvious reference, there were no Biblical allusions - not least since we decided to take direct action and spent most of the dream pursuing him, lynch-mob-style, shouting "WANKER PATROL! WANKER PATROL!" repeatedly.

When I remembered this the following day, I burst out laughing, but it wasn't appropriate to explain why to the company I was keeping.

I Misread a Sign today, for the first time in a while, on a leaflet I saw somewhere. What I read was

Think about your excrement

Whereas it was actually

Think about your retirement.

What I do think, is that I would be an analyst's dream (but not like my dream as detailed above) at the moment. But I shan't ramble on about such things more than I already have, that would feel just a little too indulgent.

So that's what I write about in my my 400th published post. Typical.

I shall treat (!) you to a self-portrait: I'm in the pub.


Reading the Signs said...

How tantalising, Trousers, but do we actually see your face?

I think the misreading was actually more interesting than the actual Sign. It gets my attention, anyway.

trousers said...

You sort of see my face, Signs, it's reflected in a very old and lovely pot in my favourite spot in one of my favourite ever pubs. It's the nearest to a likeness that I feel ok with publishing at the moment though since I've always wanted to maintain anonymity.

I'm glad you appreciate the misreading - I did for a short while feel slightly bothered that so many of my misreadings seem to go straight to the lowest common denominator.

Zhoen said...

Snake in paradise, a trouser snake? Ah, well, nothing's perfect.

Many of retirement age do think about their excrement a lot.

trousers said...

Zhoen, thank you for understanding :)