Thursday, 2 September 2010

Why I like cycling (3)

Cycling has been a constant since I was able to take it up again in earnest at the start of April - certainly, it's felt like the one constant. Good things and bad things and all sorts of things inbetween have happened during this time, but there's been a definite sense of very destabilising upheaval (if that's not overly tautological).

The weather has been so good these last few days that I've been anxious to get back on the bike as soon as the circumstances allowed. I hadn't been out for a spin for a couple of weeks, until just now.

I set to it with sheer glee, and after a certain spell of time, felt that sense of mood enhancement and the rest of it can all go to hell that often results. Helped by being out of the city and in pleasant scenery.

I feel better for it.


Jennifer said...

I so get that feeling - the mood shift. I get it during night walks too. Gorgeous pics!

Carol said...

I know that feeling too! It's been years since I've been on a bike (considering getting one) but, like Jennifer, I get it when I go for a walk.

Great photos

C x

trousers said...

Hey both, I do like long walks - and night walks are lovely. I do get the mood shift when walking, but with cycling it seems to be that little bit more intense.