Thursday, 27 May 2010


Striding Edge is a ridge on Helvellyn in the Lake District, over a mile long. It's a personal bête noire, given that I was half way across it one clear, icy January day a few years ago, when I suddenly realised how genuinely, truly terrified I was. Half way across is a tricky point at which to have such a realisation, it makes as much sense to continue onward as to turn back.

This feeling was perhaps surpassed only by the sheer relief when I got to the far side of it and was still alive - a feeling which lasted for several days. Which might be an exaggeration, but deaths do unfortunately occur there from time to time.

Today I was due back at work after a few very pleasant days off.

Last night I dreamt that I found myself with three friends who informed me that we were not only going to walk Striding Edge, we were going to camp there overnight too. The conditions, even at base level, were treacherous - and I felt a rising sense of unease: I didn't know we were coming here to do this, I don't have the gear, not even my walking boots, I have my battered pair of trainers which barely have any tread left. I'll slip. I don't have my thermals or my waterproofs, I'm not prepared, I'm going to be in trouble.

I woke up afterwards and thought - this is telling me I need to be ready for a whole bucketload of shit when I'm back at work today - I can't allow myself to be caught unawares.

Thank goodness for that dream.


Zhoen said...


Sophia said...

Hmmm...I've not really given much thought to dreams that I have like that. In fact, I have less and less "warning" or "struggle" that a bad sign?!?!?! Ugh!!!!

DJ Kirkby said...

Was there bucket loads? Hope not. x

Fire Byrd said...

Frightening dream, was it prophetic and did you need to be so prepared?

HelenMHunt said...

Just popping by to say hi, and nice to meet you today.

trousers said...

To all - Yes I needed to be ready, and I think I need to be ready for next week as well, I'm expecting it to be a tough one.

Helen, it was lovely to meet you too - thanks for the chat!

zhisou said...

So then what happened at work ...?

trousers said...

The frustrating thing, zhisou, is that I don't even feel like I can give an outline - confidentiality and all that, due to the nature of the work. If I could give a description without breaching confidentiality then I would, but don't know if I'd feel comfortable doing so.