Sunday, 9 May 2010

Bathroom cleaner

I castigate my own use of the word "should", which is just about to appear (wait for it...), but: I really feel as though I should be blogging the upheaval that's going on at the moment. Personal upheaval, not the post-election hung parliament uncertainties.

But I wouldn't even know where to start. I'll just say for now that my working week last week took place between Tuesday and Friday, and I feel as though I had no choice but to pack about ten days (should there be an apostrophe there?) worth of work into those four days. Some of it exhilarating, some of it scary and a lot of it stressful. Who knows what next week will bring.

I'm just grateful that over this weekend, for the first time in a long time, I was able to sleep beyond the time that I would normally get up for work. I've needed to.

I've spent some time today writing a post about the surrealist poet Jacques Rigaut, but it's going no further than my drafts folder right now, I just don't feel comfortable with posting it.


Fire Byrd said...

As you said..... just breathe!

Zhoen said...

Sleep is excellent.

nmj said...

Enjoy your sleeping, Trews, hope you feel rested... V. curious about this poet, had not heard of him, can you give me a link to any of his poetry in French, I looked but was not successful...Thanks.

trousers said...

Aye, FB. A long bike ride this afternoon hasn't done me any harm either..x

Zhoen, after waking up early two out of three mornings last weekend (Monday being the Mayday holiday also), and being so annoyed that I made it impossible for myself to get back to sleep, then I made sure this weekend that I wouldn't look at the clock whenever I woke up. I think this weekend I was more likely to sleep anyway, but it's a ploy I intend to use again since it didn't do me any harm.

nmj, if I find any I'll be sure to pass on a link. However I don't actually know any of his poetry - I know him from an article I read during my art college days, he wrote about suicide (which is one reason I'm not comfortable with posting on it yet).