Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Cardinal sin

Yes, I just committed one earlier. Something I'd vowed never to do.

I had left work and hopped on a bus. Tedium it was, as we edged our way out of town agonizingly slowly, so I welcomed the distraction of a call on my mobile. It was a friend enquiring about events and arrangements for this evening.

Whereabouts are you at the moment, said friend asked me.

I'm on the bus, I replied.

Damn. Take me outside to be shot, throw me into a pit of snakes, whatever: I surely deserve such a fate, or worse. For there's nothing I can bear less than that mundane, banal, endlessly-repeated phrase uttered by loud voices conducting one half of a desultory mobile-phone conversation.

I'm on the bus.

Well at least my own voice wasn't loud: I'd retained enough self-awareness to make sure of that.

But I said it. That phrase.

I won't do it again, I promise. I swear.

A happier exchange of words did occur today though, and I hope it makes up just a tiny bit for the above transgression.

Someone from a bunch of bright-eyed and pathologically enthusiastic market researchers (or something of that ilk) approached me in a manner which can only be described as - well, bright-eyed and pathologically enthusiastic.

Excuse me sir, I'm sorry to bother you!!!!

I smiled and tried to appear bright-eyed in return.

That's alright, I said, no problem!! and carried on walking.


nmj said...

Trews, The fact you are so exruciatingly self-aware about the transgression surely cancels out the sin, I think you should forgive yourself.

lakeviewer said...

You're taking a trip to L.A.? You'll enjoy the weather, the shopping, the music scene. Hope somebody else is driving you around.

Zhoen said...

I had to read that out to my spouse. He laughed. Still, better than "I'm driving" which is trite AND dangerous.

I was approached by two high-school girls in the parking lot of the grocery store, holding clipboards, beaming at me with cheerleader demeanor. "Are you a **friendly*** person!!!?"

I stopped, thought a moment, and said "No." Got in my car and left.

Fire Byrd said...

Good to see your perverse sense of humour is still going strong.
I'm sure the interviewer was bemused for a minute of two.

zola a social thing said...

This only goes to show that you are mature enough to remember the Magical Mystery Tour that is trying to take you away.

Jesus wept you will out and about in the streets of London soon.

trousers said...

nmj - ok, the self-awareness carries it in this case, or at least I hope so. Thank you. I do forgive myself (but will be very angry with myself should there be a further transgression).

lakeviewer, yes that's the plan - though nothing concrete as yet (I'm sure there's a pun in there but I'll leave it alone). Someone else better drive me around (I've got friends out there) since I'm not planning to learn to drive in a hurry :)

Zhoen that, in turn, made me laugh. Reminds me, I used to hate it when people would say to me you're quiet, aren't you? - I would feel awkward and try and say something to compensate. In the end I realised that the best response was to say yes, I am.

zola - yes to all that.