Sunday, 7 June 2009

What preceded the beauty

There's a glut of writings about the 65th D-Day anniversary, of course there is. Many poignant photographs too, of aged gentlemen in their uniforms stood on the beaches at Normandy, alone in their thoughts. One can only wonder.

I feel fortunate to have read this article, it manages to strike a fine balance between the business of the anniversary, and the drama of the landings themselves. The paragraphs in particular detailing what happened to many as they landed on the beaches - beginning at the third paragraph - I found to be incredibly affecting.


nmj said...

I love Euan Ferguson's writing, he can be acerbically funny, and as here, enormously touching.

'... they are looking at the beaches: and what they see is not what we see.'

That line - simple and beautiful - brings a lump to my throat.

trousers said...

Absolutely nmj, he overstates nothing in this article, it carries its own power. I'll be sure to take notice of more of his writings.

Fire Byrd said...

That is a really well written article, and reminded me that I've been to the Normandy beaches and it is hard to reconcile what went on before when you are there.

Fire Byrd said...
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trousers said...

fire byrd, I've not been to the beaches, but as you might recall I've been to the Somme, and there is that similar sense of difficulty in squaring the beautiful surroundings with the sheer carnage that occurred there.