Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Space, silence, and birdsong

Here's a little bit of footage from Lud's Church.

I realise I haven't done much by way of actual writing on this here blog of late, but my head is a bit too crowded, things are hectic, and I haven't much space to allow the thoughts and words to flow at the present time.

Spaces like the above are a suitable antidote, it would be nice to have more of that.


Reading the Signs said...

Thank you for sharing this exquisite "bonne bouche" (I think that means tasty morsel) of your trip. Slips down a treat.

trousers said...

Glad you like it, Signs - just wish I'd filmed more.

Fire Byrd said...

I wish you'd filmed more that was gorgeous. It's one of those places that fill my head in dark times and having a film of it would be lovely

Paula said...

Sotig the soul.

Paula said...

Sorry, my keyboard. I meant soothing the soul.

Mel said...

*happy sigh*

Lemme just pick a rock, any rock to sit on....and give a long listen.

And thank you for sharing it.
(thank you, byrdie for pointing me in the direction for a listen...)

Merry ME said...

I, too, came from Byrdie's place. It was worth the trip. It does look like the kind of place I need to be to settle my nerves and renew my soul. Thanks for sharing it with us.

P.S. I can't say why exactly, but I love the picture of the jeans on the clothesline. Is there a story behind the name?

trousers said...

I did take more film, fire byrd, it just didn't capture the atmosphere as well. I wish I'd left it rolling for a little while longer though. Maybe on a future occasion.

Haha, typo excused, Paula! Soothing to the extent that your fingers slipped on the keyboard :)

Thank you in turn, mel, I'm glad you appreciated it. As I might have mentioned in a previous post (did I? I'm not sure - but anyway) I could happily sit there - or places like that - for long periods of time. Bliss.

Pretty much the same goes for you, merry me, thank you too. Oddly enough, I was wondering aloud to fire byrd on the day of the walk, as to whether it was time to update that photo: maybe I'll leave it there for a little while longer.

There isn't, incidentally, much of a story behind the name. Well not a particularly interesting one anyway. But, as a name, it's innocuous and it makes me laugh - hence the appeal, for me at least.

Anonymous said...

Very nice - where is that?

Those birds don't realise how beautiful their surroundings are.

trousers said...

zhisou, it's Lud's Church in Staffordshire (see previous post also), in part of the Peak District.

Birds, I think, are able to take a lot for granted. Flying, for starters...