Sunday, 29 March 2009

Don't forget

I went for a fantastic walk with Fire Byrd yesterday, we walked (and talked) for a good eight or nine miles, and were surprisingly unscathed by weather which could be charitably described as "changeable."

Now I could post up lots of lovely photographs such as this:

But I shan't.

Nor, even, shall I post up lots of lovely photographs such as this:

I'll make an allowance though, for the sake of artiness, and post this one up:

But really, the one I feel really should be posted up here, is this one.

It was, as you might reasonably expect, from a notice asking people to give due consideration to their surroundings and its inhabitants. I couldn't help but think of it as being some strange kind of instruction though - to remember the sheep and the birds, well, just for the sake of it.


Fire Byrd said...

Well the sheep needed remembering since they were glued on to those steep hillsides!

Lady in red said...

did they forget all the other animals ?

Kate said...

When I was younger I used to go to Chelmsford library every Saturday with my dad. We'd park the car in the back streets on the far side of the park and walk through.
In the park was a bench with "In Loving Memory of Ted and Cis" on it.
Every single time we walked past it my dad would gasp and then say "Ah! I remember!" - and I would always fall for it and ask what.
That sheep/birds sign would have made him do exactly the same thing.

I'm glad you had a lovely day.

trousers said...

Good point, fire byrd - though I recall one of them announcing its presence to us very loudly!

Hi lady, I don't think the sign was big enough to list them all :)

Hello kate, that sounds like a similar kind of daftness that my own dad would have come out with, and it made me smile. Nice of you to drop by again!

Mei Del said...

and i thought you were doing that timely spring change reminder of the clocks!

trousers said...

I wondered if somebody might pick up on that, mei. Not that I was trying to be really clever or anything with the title (as if!) - I realised afterwards, it was a nice unintended consequence.