Sunday, 8 March 2009

40 is no age...

Yes this is another R.I.P. post, even though the 40-year old hasn't passed away yet: not until the end of March.

The 40-year old in question being my favourite record shop, Selectadisc in Nottingham. I was passing through yesterday and was saddened to see a poster on the window displaying the news of its imminent demise.

I've been acquainted with the place for 25 years - and particularly during the 80s, it was an immensely exciting place to go to, a different world...a world in which I could lose myself for hours. Browsing through rack after rack of vinyl: sometimes in pursuit of something obscure but sought-after, sometimes just to see what odd, weird and different bands and artists there were. Other times, browsing would be a secondary activity, my main focus being on what was blasting out over the speakers.

To choose an obvious example - for me, anyway - I'd already heard of The Fall, and heard a few tracks. But it was one Saturday morning in Selectadisc that their music effectively grabbed me by the scruff of the neck, demanded my attention: harsh, raw, clattering music at high volume with all sorts of splenetic invective being spat/shouted out in every direction by way of vocal delivery. Attack both in the sense of aggression and dynamics.

There are too many other such examples to mention. The place was simultaneously a haven, and somewhere thrillingly unsafe.

I had a browse through the remaining stocks of cd and vinyl yesterday, but left empty-handed. I wasn't going to buy something purely because it's the last opportunity I'll have to do so, as sad as it is. I also noted to myself, rather pointedly, that I've spent money on a couple of albums this week anyway....ones I've ordered on the internet.


zola a social thing said...

As an already old youth culture fart I remember a Virgin Records shop.
That was early 1970s or something or was it late 60's? Cannot remember.

Today I remain attached to good second hand bookshops even if they are few and far between.

I also remain attached to my penis, my smelly feet and my all to much ignored poetic sensibility.

40 is no age?
But it is disgusting is it not?

trousers said...

I'm glad to hear that you remain attached to all those things zola - well I think I'm glad: some of them I could have reasonably assumed you were still attached to, not least your poetic sensibility...

bikerted said...

There was indeed a Virgin shop. It was situated on King Street on the left hand side walking up by the Brian Clough statue. There was a court case against them when they displayed the Sex Pistols "Never Mind The Bollocks" album in the window in 1977. Later the shop relocated to Clumber Street in what is now McDonalds.

Selectadisc will be fondly remembered by many people, many will have a story to tell. The Giveaway section was really good for discovering new music at an affordable price.

Indeed RIP Selectadisc.

trousers said...

I remember, bikerted, seeing a Virgin Records shop in London around '87 - the first time I'd seen one - but I suspect this was one of the megastores already, and not the shop that you and zola mention. So I have no special memories of that place - but yes the Giveaway section was always worth dipping into in Selectadisc.

For me, an avid John Peel listener, selectadisc was somewhere which could be guaranteed to have copies of much of the weird and wilder stuff that he played, and that was of inestimable value to the likes of me.