Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Misreading The Signs (2)

A while ago I posted words to the effect of how I keep reading headlines, notices, billboard ads - any text of any kind - wrongly, especially if it's just in passing.

Well since that post, it hasn't really happened, and I wondered if my having written about it may have somehow served to stop it happening.

No, since it happened today as I was on the train to London, and saw a little litter notice just under the window: which, according to my eyes at least, read

Please help keep your brain tidy

If only I could...if only I could.


Fire Byrd said...

and of course clean.... nothing worse than a dirty .....

Reading the Signs said...

Well Fire Byrd has a point, Trousers. We must all fight the good fight. But really, I wouldn't worry - the Signs are everywhere and very often hidden. Just as well really.

Merkin said...

Well, trews there is a wee bit of poster psyops/conditioning going on at the moment.

So, you are not alone in noticing things.

PS your captcha reads 'farti'.

Mei Del said...

that will certainly be thought for the day! and i can't quite believe it myself, word veri is esubtel - how apt!

Janette Jones said...

I misread stuff all the time including emails, infact I once nearly sent one that started with 'I'm just sending you a genital reminder'..... Can I be in your club?!

trousers said...

Well, of course fire byrd, it just wouldn't do, now would it! x

Signs, the signs are indeed everywhere, and often quite loaded.

Bloody hell merk, that's a bit...well I'm not sure I have the words, I just grimaced. Not good though, is it, the way they go about things? I may go back and read the comments at some point. Nice captcha too :)

mei, your comment made me wonder - if anyone did have an untidy brain, how would they know what their thought for the day was? Another word ver that made me smile too..

Janette, , 'course you can be in my club! Just as well you checked that email before you sent it out :)

B said...

i wanna be in the club too - i rarely do this with signs, but when i'm reading books it happens all the time. and i stick letters in words that don't belong there in my mind. for years i thought the name 'Alicia' as found in Enid Blyton's Mallory Towers books was actually 'Aladica'. I don't know where I got the 'd' from.

trousers said...

b, you're more than welcome to join the club!

I must admit I set the bar high some years ago, after a bad night working in a residential unit - fire alarms going off at unearthly hours, and all the attendant chaos. Anyway, in a very addled state when I was making myself breakfast, I picked up a tin of baked beans, which I read as naked babes - a perfect anagram.

Should I really be sharing this?

B said...

i'm glad you did - hilarious! :)

ejenne said...

I have the opposite problem. I take things too literally. I don't misread, I just misunderstand. Its great when people think I'm actually really witty and dead pan, they laugh and it gives me time to work it out.

trousers said...

I think I probably do that as well sometimes, ejenne :)

Which reminds me of this.