Tuesday, 22 July 2008

The trouser Press runs out of steam

Well no, not completely, but I couldn't pass up on another opportunity for such a bad pun.

However, I'm finding that much of my energies are having to be focussed elsewhere at the moment, and the prospect of writing blog posts at the present time is starting to feel like a bit of a chore.

Which clearly signals to me that it's time for a break (though not necessarily from commenting on other blogs), until the old batteries have been recharged and I'm ready to resume with more shining wit, dodgy spoonerisms, breathtaking profundity, or (more likely) absurd irrelevances.

Thanks all, and see you later!


Caroline said...


Lady in red said...

we all need to recharge our batteries now and again.

I get the impression that you are in a fairly good place right now.


trousers said...

*passes hankie to the one true cas* It's ok my dear, I shan't be far away - it gives me time to write more silly comments on your site, after all :) x

Hi lady, yes that's pretty much it - though I'm too cautious to describe it as a good place (for whatever reason) but it's definitely a much, much better place that I'm in. About time too x

Merkin said...

Take yer time, big man.

trousers said...

Will do merk, thanks.

But Why? said...

Nice title. WHere am I going to get my regular fix of punnery from now?

And who's going to to understand post-sweating-brain-mush-contentment??

I feel loss. Must go for a run to displace the disappointment...

All the best, and swing by anytime x

trousers said...

Thank you dr but why?. I'm also feeling loss since in the best week of weather we've had for a short while, I've been unwell and hence missed out on an otherwise perfect opportunity for lots of cycling.

I hope the time out from posting will, as a consequence, give me more chance to visit, read and comment than I've been able to do of late (and hence to understand post-sweating-brain-mush-contentment, which is also a great phrase).

Plus the prospect of writing more posts already begins to seem a little less like a chore, so having a bit of a break for a while is surely the right thing to have done :)

DJ Kirkby said...

Hope to see you soon. I understand you need a break from writing blog posts 'cos you have much more important things to do...like photographing benches for me! :)

That's So Pants said...

Aww Trews!

I know how you feel but you will be missed. Don't stay away too long now. You are always welcome at House of Pants.



trousers said...

Thanks dj. I think I have a few benchy gems to still send, though there are still more I intend to take as well :)

Oh thank you pants, very kind of you. As I've mentioned to others at some point, I hope that I'll have a bit more of a chance to catch up with other blogs (including yours of course) since for a wee while I shan't be tending to mine.

It just feels like a pause to catch my breath as much as anything.

zola a social thing said...

I suspect that Trousers is using his hot iron too much and getting tired.
But this is not the time to tell him to take a grip. Is it?

Reading the Signs said...

Full steam ahead, Trousers. Hope you're having a good summer and (echoing Pants), you're always welcome at House of Signs.